Sunday, December 24, 2006

hnakol l7ma (we'll eat meat)


Really, I can not express my hatred to JAVA....

I won't say my reasons... because they are a lot and a lot and who works in Streaming Server project knows how this language really really ugly. and who compares it with C# the most kind word to say is "Shut up". To develop this project I needed to open JDeveloper release 3 and NetBeans 5.5 damn both… no useful documentation… etc really ugly language if you see it’s strong lmlmlmaa it’s ok for you, but it’s more than ugly :@

Thanks Dr. Hossam you made me formally hate JAVA …

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

COM+ task and Microsoft bug

Yesterday, we (Hanaa and I) handed COM+ task, and got the full mark (ALL Thanks to ALLAH).

COM+ task was very easy to develop no need for any types of skills just know how to talk to database and have a soul to solve damn exceptions.

While working in this task, I solved a nice exception reported as a bug by Microsoft in Visual Studio .NET 2003, but they forgot to solve it in Visual Studio 2005 as we were working on Visual Studio 2005 :D

Bug is: Cannot copy assembly [Referenced Assembly] to file [Current Project Output Folder]\bin\Debug\Release\[Referenced Assembly].dll. The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

You can say the solution is to kill your application process from task manager, I am sorry for saying you won’t find it there :D

Their solution is, to solve this bug you have to call Microsoft Technical Support and install a hotfix …

No, you do not need that at all…. all you need is to kill process called “dllhost” from your task manager…. sure you do not need to make that each time you compile your application, so in application close event call this function OnCloseDo();

private void OnCloseDo()
Process[] dllHostProcesses = Process.GetProcessesByName("dllhost");
foreach (Process p in dllHostProcesses)

For more details about this bug

I am going to write an article about how to COM+ , After ALLAH willing ;)

Happy, fixing ;-)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Writing to blog failed!!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, It’s so far Thursday, November 09, 2006 it’s the date of the last post before this.

Really, not finding something to write is very difficult and the more difficult is to write about something all people see it was/is not like you see, i.e. Fayed Trip and because of this I swear I won’t trip again with my faculty or in another meaning with my class. So I can not write about that at the same time, Ahmed Essawy wrote about that in another way!!!
So, this post like (what others want, if you want me to write on specific thing comment what it is) or survey, I want to write about my class one one, i.e.

Name: xyz
Desc.:lmlmlaaa ( not more than 2 lines)

What’s your opinion, with explanation (in all cases, please)?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

My Poor PC!

That's my Poor PC!

Saturday, October 28, 2006


This post is in reply on someone sent mail on Second grade (FCI-H) group and other groups, he announced a course actually Web Development course its cost is 2300 L.E.
So, WHY course in Web Development and Why 2300 L.E.? Does it deserve?
Let’s talk logically, how it would cost you, if you search in “eMule” on “AppDev ASP.NET” spend 3 days (Maximum) downloading it if you have ADSL if you have not tell your friend (htksb swab 7’litoh ugeeb 7aga tfido) give him a 2 CDs (2 L.E.) after that spend a weeks (Maximum) study (AppDev ASP.NET is video learning you won’t read, too) spend another week (Maximum) to make sure you studied well, spend a month (Maximum) reading in MSDN; ASP.NET walkthroughs, advanced features and how to get most performance in your website and etc… (I swear (bee ALLAH) you will be professional in web development) would this story cost you 2300 L.E.???!

If you are interested in MOCs you can search in eMule, too
I am talking as you do those 3 hours per day; sure we all have 3 hours to study!

Sorry, that’s not for COMPUTER SCIENCE or INFORMATION SYSTEM students, those are higher than taking courses in such matters.. those GIVE not TAKE courses.

And about certification, who minds to take it as self-paced training (self-study) and take exam to take the certification?? I think that’s better or someone stuffs your mind with information (take it as it) to be tested??!

So, I see there are 2 reasons to take courses, the first take courses in any language because you need someone to converse with, to higher your skills in it and the second if you are working and you assigned a task in something you do not know and you’ve not time to study it, you want someone to figure your task out, If you have not a friend can help you, you compelled to take a course ( I am not satisfied this reason but it may be)

Modified in 31/10
There is another reason to take courses, if the course will enhance you significantly, like Management courses, etc.
Because these courses if educated by experts, they would give you great experience that is very difficult to be gained from reading about them concepts.

Please, do not respond to any course announcement, it’s fake thing no more no less

Thank you for reading,

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mohamed A7'oya wy 7abiby

Mohamed A7'oya wy 7abiby 7'tb ya gd3aan wy 3o2blko wy 3o2baly abliko :D m3 ely nfsy fiha :$ olo ameeeeeen :D:D

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Do it automatically, Viva Vista :D

Do you have vista, let me show something new,
I was going to send my CV to someone, My CV in hidden folder (I do not know why I did that :D) So, I wanted to show it, I went to expolrer main menu nothing looks like Windows XP explorer.
So, F1 is the savior, Vista's F1 more than that :D, I pressed F1, search dailog appeared in search textbox I wrote "show hidden files" I selected the first result, then I found two options Do it automatically and show me step-by-step...
I selected Do it automatically... then it made it for me and said The task is complete

Very nice, Vista team (Y)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

How to enable glass view in Windows Vista RC1?

How to enable glass view in Windows Vista RC1,
By default Windows Vista RC1 does not enable glass view, to enable it make sure that your VGA driver is installed.

First, I'd Like to thank Ehab el Gindy (Hobzy) he helped me in that

Right click on Desktop->Personalize->Windows Color and Appearance->Open classic appearance properties for more color options then from Color scheme select Windows Aero

I've updated this post for A.Essawy
Essawy this is Windows navigation in Vista if you enable glass view

Happy Vista :D

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Show me the meaning of being Lover to Microsoft 2

Today, I'll ask one question, IS THERE a COMPANY ALLOVER THE WORLD TEATS ITS DEVELOPERS or CUSTOMERS LIKE MICROSOFT? In any field, I do not think so.

Let me tell you the story!

2 days ago I received 2 CDs free of charge from Microsoft (VS 2005 Beta professional Edition and Windows Mobile 5.0 Developer Resource Kit) but they were damaged because of careless from Shipment Company.
So, I said if I sent email to Microsoft, what should they say??! We did not make any mistakes and the problem from Shipment Company … (e7md rbna enta mish daf3 7aga) …
No no no no, Microsoft better than that million times I’ll send it anyway
Yes, Microsoft is the best, and I’ll evidence that to you… read below

First email:
Please keep this e-mail for your records.**********************************Thank you for your order, it is being processed and should arrive within 28 days.Order For: Visual Studio 2005 Beta Experience KitOrder Number: 01205499001905Order Date: September 15, 2006************Ship to:************Ramy Mahrous ……….

Second email:
Dear team;Thank you, for your great service.Today I have received the CDs but I shocked when I saw them damaged!!!And I can not make use of them, what should I do?! Thank you,Ramy Mahrous

Third email:
Dear Ramy,Thank you for your e-mail.We are pleased to confirm that we will re-ship the damaged software to you. If you could please allow 5 to 10 working days for the delivery of this shipment. If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.Kind regardsRobertMicrosoft Direct Services TeamE-mail:
Phone: 0870 60 10 100Fax: 0800 03 24 485

Fourth email:
That’s for you, WHAT SHOULD I SAY?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Solve it

Today I thought in something and I did not find a nice solution for it, and this is what about if you sent an e-Mail to your Lover saying "I love you X" and her name is Y : So, how can you fix it? What is the next e-Mail should Say, please tell me a proper solution... You can Say I mean someone else (nhark teeeeen) or You can say I forgot your name (nhark teeeeen brdo)..... Solve it!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Read to feel my dejection :(

Read to feel my dejection :( :~

I am so quit

Today as some of you know I was in interview, It was the fourth time in my
life and as usual after 10 minutes of the interview the interviewer (employer)
discovers I am under zft undergraduate and as usual s/he says “We will
call you later!”

The dejection baa

Please choose the correct answer
Educational Ref.: 2003-2007 [FCI-HU]
FCI-HU [ Faculty of Computers and Information - Helwan University - Egypt ]
Undergraduate, 4th Year Computer Science Department.

The question is: what do you understand in the statement colored by red?

1-I am postgraduate
2-I am undergraduate
3-I did not mention anything about my education statue

The statement colored by red written in my CV and check it if you do not believe

So, WHAT MAKES HR or Secretary Calls me and arranges with me an interview as
they do not need UNDERGRADUTES????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They do not understand English or what???!

SICC (today), LINKdotNET (First semester of 3rd year), North Africa (2nd year
and 3rd year) two times :~

And when I say to them I wrote in my CV that I am undergraduate, they replied your CV looks like postgraduate CV ???????????! (ya3ny aih el CV bta3y tl3lo sh3r fy d2noo wala eih)

Walahy el 3azzem I swear if anyone called me again, first word I’d say
“I AM UNDERGRADUTE”, because that’s over!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

From My Best Friend "Hanaa Gamal"

Today, I received this video from my best friend Hanaa Gamal :) , really I can not express my happiness, and I can not reply this great gift Hanaa's Video

Monday, August 14, 2006

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Mahmoud Flash 2

In the name of ALLAH

I would like to announce that Mahmoud Mohammed became INSTRUCTOR in our cute :~ Faculty.
wy htl3 3inoooooooooo :D bs hoa ufkr udiny mada kda wy hoa 3arf ah ely hi7slooo
and he also will be our instructor in our graduation project isA
Yalla Mabrooooooooooooook ya Mahmoud 32obal ma ashofk Dr ad el donia :D

Sunday, June 25, 2006


In the name of ALLAH

Today, I and Nabil talked about our RDBMS, and I’ve begun reading in Data Storage, Indexing, Query Processing and physical Design because implementing my task needs full knowledge about what I’ve mentioned and specially Query Processing…

So, what is my main target of making RDBMS?

First, I do not make RDBMS to challenge any RDBMSs vendors (Microsoft, MySQL, Oracle and so fourth).
Second, my task won’t be OPEN-SOURCE.
Third, till now I’ll work under .NET technology.
Fourth, my essential target is to understand how RDBMSs work, how to implement SQL algorithms because my dream is working in SQL Server team.
Fifth, working in such projects will give me experience I think will gain benefits for me more than get training in IT-Company.

So, may ALLAH bless you and us

Thank you for reading,
Ramy Mahrous

Monday, June 12, 2006

My birthday

In the name of ALLAH

It's my first year to celebrate my birthday on my second home my blog, and as usual I'll wish something for me, I wish to be more obeyed to ALLAH, I wish to not lose anybody I knew, I wish to be lovable in my faculty, I wish to celebrate next birthday with my wife :D, I wish no one upsets from me for any reason, I wish next year to be in MICROSOFT in SQL Server team, I wish that my father, mother and my cute brothers to be satisfied on me, I wish to all my brothers and sisters in my cute faculty; nice life and to be good developers, I wish to not carry :D physics again and Architecture (Physical Architecture) again, I hope to all carriers :D to be clean next semester isA, I wish the world to know the right meaning of ISLAM, I wish to get ADSL, I wish to be famous in my faculty :D, with good aspects and good ethics and mmmmmmmmmmm… forgot something…. I hope to bring for me a gift :D

Saturday, June 03, 2006

World Cup 2006

Comment your assessment ...?

Friday, June 02, 2006

My Wife 2

I got someone, I think she meets my requirements and fits me :D So, Her Picture shown below, waiting your opinion, sure After marriage I'll cover her hair and her arms :D:D

Monday, May 29, 2006


Really I do not know how to begin this article but let's talk directly without wearing any type of masks on our words.

I heard about Ahmed el Fishawy and Hend el Henawy case, damn them!
I do not know how to this extent we became not fair from ALLAH, a girl –sorry- impolite girl shows in TV and she says I am adulterer I have been in relationship with some one -has not any kind of ethics or principles- and we had a baby please people -get my right- WHAT RIGHT she talks about! Really I do not know how this girl lives in EGYPT, I Swear if I am judger I'll judge on her to be in prison the rest of her life. How girl after what happened to this dirty girl can live with Muslims. I know girls live with their shame more than with their soul, what after taking off this shame please answer me I feel I am living in Europe. Her father a doctor also her mother is.
But really the did not know how to bring this girl up well.
OUR PROPHET (PBUH) said "ezaa bolitm fa estatro" I can not translate it to English but the meaning of this (prophetic tradition) "When you do something wrong do not appear your mistake".
As you know she applied that (prophetic tradition). She exposed this SIN without paying attention to anything really as my mother says "Girls become not girls!"
May your mind asks, why ramy just talks about her.
Because 10 years earlier, we used to hear every minute "Women Rights"
And when you talk to girl about her relationship with man (this relationship out of work and collage boundaries) she says "No man can take anything from girl else if she needs to give him it"
Applying that rule to this online sin, so Hend wanted that, so she is the one who bears that crime.
Walahy, their girl will damn them every night every day.
Wait a lot of SINS ONLINE after that. anything begins once, then …….. As you know :(
Really I am sorry if I said something wrong, excuse me I am so angry of what happen these days

Wait the rest…..

Thank you for reading,
Ramy Mahrous

Thursday, May 25, 2006

My Wife

Now I realized that there will just be one year and I'll leave our faculty After ALLAH willing (YA RUB I want to be in fourth degree next year).
So I decided to write my wife aspects hoping found comments to this article saying I have these aspects so let's begin and bypass this preface.

1- I wish her to not be related to Computer Science at all.
2- I love girls that they don’t put makeup especially "mascara" and they don't put k7ool in their eyes.
3- Hope to marry someone has blue or green eyes
4- She must be serious very very serious with people and to be funny, cute and joy with me.
5- I want her to be tall enough almost like me.
6- She must to be very soft and to be not angry and "Nkadya".
7- Yes, I forgot, I want her to be blond.
8- What a nice, if she is not jealous.
9- She should bear my staying in front of computer for more than 18 Hours/Day
10- I've escaped something like to be religious, respectable because they are my first priorities.
11- Here voice should be mild neither high nor low.
12- She should not have boys' friends. JUST collage mates accepted.
13- She should be very very very unassuming.
14- She should love me.
15- Really, she should love Microsoft and hates SUN and any OPEN SOURCE vendors. (General Information –Refer to Rule Number One- ).
16- She should be excellent cooker.
17- She should not be "Amassa (btz3l kteer)".
18- She should be obedient; I have not soul to repeat my words.
19- She should not be wasted.
20- She should have a sort of beauty.

I think I've forgot a lot of rules for applicants :D:D
So, if I remembered I'd write them isA
Catch you later :)

Thank you for reading,
Ramy Mahrous

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Monday, May 22, 2006

Ramy Mahrous 2

All thanks to miss Aya Sdeky

In the name of ALLAH

Directly, without prefaces I can not really express my thanks to this instructor MISS AYA SDIKY for what she did with us yesterday…..
Really she was very very very helpful, she stayed with us more than 4 hours solving to us some DSP problems and explaining some parts although she had work she should to do but she left everything to stay with us..
Yes, you are very cute and helpful.
Really THANK THANK THANK YOU, Miss Aya Sdiky :)
Jzaky ALLAH 7'ern

Friday, May 05, 2006

Personal vs. Technical

In the name of ALLAH

Dear all;

I'll separate my blog to two blogs one for Technical articles and one for Personal articles
Thank you,
Ramy Mahrous

The most beautiful days 1 (Egypt vs. Senegal) in MDC 06

The most beautiful days 1 (Egypt vs. Senegal) in MDC 06

I decide to write the most beautiful days I lived with my friends, and I'll write them separately.

Every day I feel I want to write you will find it in this blog
Today, after finishing my daily walk through (MSDN.NET 2003), I told I should take a rest, so I opened some files, was from them (THE CUP OF AFRICA NATIONS)
I remembered when we were in MDC 06 (Microsoft Middle East Conference 2006) specially the third days, Microsoft invited us to attend (Egypt vs. Senegal) match….
It was very fantastic day whatever I write I can not describe this day…. really you should have imagination to imagine more than 100 developers encourage their country and it's our beloved country EGYPT.
All of who dressed suits they took off their jackets and tucked their chemises up…say at the same time MASR…MASR…MASR :D:D:D really very very very fantastic day

But the funniest thing before scoring second goal F.M.D was about to cry and she stayed saying please please please anyone, tell that EGYPT will score second goal and it will be the winner…and suddenly……..
Amr Zaki scored the second goal in Senegal we touched the ceiling and hug each others :) Boys with boys and I think no girls hug each others :D :D

Really Congratulation EGYPT on the CUP you deserved it

Wait for more ;)
Thank you for your reading,
Ramy Mahrous

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Very very weird

sorry but I'll write in franko-arabic to describe what happened to me exactly...el nahrda rg3t mn el kolia t3ban gdn, ommy altly a7drllk el akl oltlha shokrn ya ommy ana hnam wy hs7a akoolel mohm d7'lt nmt wy ba3d 3 sa3at s7eet, lih baa ana s7it, fg2a kda wy ana fy el srir(bed) 7sset eny 7walia files bgd ana mishbhzr, bs mish fahm el files dih at3aml m3aha ezay asl ana kont shaifha fy dma3'y 3la enhaa files without extensions, 7asset en lazma3ml refresh() 3lshan tzhr el extensions(t7'iolat...) bgd walahy btklm gad, ro7t sa7y wy gbt 7'o7'teen mn el tlaga 3la assass hoa dah el refresh();aklthom wy ana 3la el srir wy nmt tany, 7asset en fy 7aga ht7sl fy el system(do not comment what's system I mean) lo ms7tsh huboozro7t sa7y, wy ba3t ma fo2t qrrt(I decided)to write this weird thing in my blog....

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Team Leader

Recently, I received an e-Mail from Ahmed Magdy asking; what the properties should be in team leader…

So, in my opinion I'll tell you…
Team leading as I say not honor much more than responsibility, here I'll talk about team leader in under graduate projects.

1- Team leader totally should be aware of the project s/he leads at least knows the idea, how to design or implement it, and so on.
Reason: to efficiently assign tasks with right deadlines.

2- Team leader should have the art of understanding who is in front of him/her, how to utilize all resources of who is in front of him/her. (ust3'laa sa7)
Reason: to efficiently assign tasks to right people.

3- Team leader should have the ability to fix any problem occur among team members
Reason: sure, you know wars happen in meetings

4- Team leader should have the ability to overstep any of project problems.
Reason: usually, while developing any application you face problems day to day and team leader according to his/her knowledge about that application or project should has the ability to overcome them.

5- Team leader should not be nervous, nerd and should be polite, kind, nice, friendly and COLD
Reason: No, I won't take this task it's not easy :~ , No, no, no, I have no time for holding meeting I have a lot to study :~ :~ you feel that team leader is unsuccessful person, you should has these properties while working with almost girls believe me at the end of the project you would have pressure, diabetes (el-sokr) and finally you have hemiplegia (شلل نصفي ) (dah lo rbna krmk wy mglkshy complete paralysis).

Thank you for reading,
Ramy Mahrous

Sunday, April 23, 2006

My blog lighted

My blog lighted........... :D :D
I would like to thank Miss. Hanna Tag el-Din and Mr. Mohamed Nabil for joining me :)
They became BLOG Contributors

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Developers' tools

Again, again and again; developing proficient programs does not depend on your only technical skills but you should have some tools that help you in that
1- You should work on reputable OS like my beloved OS Microsoft Windows XP.
2- You should work on reputable IDE like Visual Studio 2005/.NET 2003
3- First and Second points in brief you should work on Microsoft products to make useful from the INTEGRATION they support to developers, only developers who work on multi-OSs or multi-IDEs know the difference between Microsoft and other technologies(SUN, IBM, so on)
4- Mirror, yes while developing new application you should look to yourself to discuss something with yourself like mmmmm, should I make this class abstract or base class what a datatype should I use in that column believe me you will find someone shares ideas with you and you won’t feel lonely :D
5- Sure, your girl should have a role in your work you should put her picture in front of you, that if you became so angry from something like your program hiiss (has fatal and logic error) or you fed up your boss you take a look on her beautiful eyes, you would feel something and you would have ability to debug and tolerate your silly boss
6- Telephone, only if you work in team, to call member from your team and curse him/her if they did something wrong (team leaders, software designers and software architects) included, you can curse them do not scare :)
7- Mobile, do not call your team from your mobile, you will be mulcted, but you should have a one to call your girl that misses you and you miss her, sure 24 hours/day and 30 days/month you coding, what a pity!, you have no time for her!!!
8- Paper and Pencil, never ever begin any developing for a program (small or big) on computer directly, you should decide on paper how will life move.
9- Working in clean and comfortable place.
10- I don’t know what else???! So I'll let you tell me your opinion

Thank you for reading
Ramy Mahrous

Friday, April 14, 2006

Monday, April 10, 2006

Data Normalization

In the name of ALLAH

Data Normalization


After gathering required information from end-users who are going to use your
application, you move to design database and you should spend sometime to design
it well because any mistake in your design would cost you a lot of effort, money
and time if your application built on it…


Data Normalization is the process of organizing information in your database
to should be able to develop professional code to update and retrieve data efficiently
and your code comes from a series of rules of standards called NORMAL FORMS


Let's execute that code [SELECT * FROM student] so the output is

It's definitely wrong as what about if I want to sort by Student's Last Name
I have no way except writing functions to do this job and that's wrong

After modification solution is:

Let's execute that code [SELECT * FROM student] so the output is

So now it's very easy to make all operations I need to sort by any attribute
and update and retrieve needed data

Let's execute that code [SELECT * FROM student] so the output is

Unquestionably very wrong to do that for many reasons first of them I can not
count all students who take Microsoft SQL Server 2005 course second what about
if a student intend to take another course you need to modify the schema or
the design of the relation and never ever put yourself in a case according to
it you may change your database schema, believe me if you did, you would be
fired, assume well to design well…

After modification solution is:

Now I can count all students who take any specific course and also update data
smoothly without any modification in database schema

So we can summarize FIRST NORMAL FORM as:

1- Each attribute in a relation should contain only one piece of information
that you can care about.

2- And also each piece of in formation that you can care about should be contained
in just ONE attribute.


It focuses on relation itself and its concepts are:

1- Database must be in FIRST NORMAL FORM.

2- Every attribute should be functionally dependant on the entire primary key.

3- Every relation should model just one entity, object or event.

Let's execute that code [SELECT * FROM student] so the output is

According to SECOND NORMAL FORM concept we see that relation violate SECOND
NORMAL FORM as CourseName dependant on to primary keys they are StudentID and

After modification solution is to have two tables one for
StudentCourse and one for Course respectively as shown

Here, we divided first table to two tables to avoid violation
of SECOND NORMAL FORM as in last table CourseName became just dependant on CourseID.


Let us show what the concepts of the THIRD NORMAL FORM

1- Database must be in SECOND NORMAL FORM.

2- The attributes in addition to be dependant on entire primary key it should
not be dependant on another attributes.

3- Don't store any calculated or derived values, only store the raw data and
use queries to perform calculations and looks up as needed.

Let's execute that code [SELECT * FROM Item] so the output is

Here, all attributes dependant on ItemID as it's the primary key of this table
however the problem is in TotalCost as you see TotalCost is a calculated value
result FROM multiplication of ItemCost by ItemQuantity and that's a violation


As we saw applying normalization to our design is very easy and logical but
also not applying it will cost us a lot and a lot, and while designing large
database you will find some difficulty to achieve the equation that you must
attain performance, normalization, efficiency, all end-users requirements and
so forth so they are cases you should DENORMALIZE your design i.e. what about
if end-user asked you to store calculated or derived values in this case if
you didn't find solution you would be forced to say "Ok".

In the article I just mentioned 3 forms of NORMALIZATION and there are other
forms like Boyce-Codd normal form – BCNF, Forth normal form - 4NF and
fifth normal form - 5NF, may next article will mention them in details.

I appreciate your reading.

Thank you,
Ramy Mahrous

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I am the winner :D:D

Hhahahahahah, I won yesterday in 2D Designs Competition, first of all I want to thank STUDENTS UNION for their great effort, and really they are very good and much cooperated they made a culture week I never seen, yeaaaa we should stand up and greet them (Y)
Yesterday, as I told you was very beautiful day for me really I felt how much my friends love me :$ when HOSSAM SADIK presented me as 2D Designs Competition winner, I …… I don't know what I should write, but you can replace my dots with all happiness I felt really you can not imagine else if you were attendee, it was cute day, and from nice situations in that day someone came to me after prizes presentation, saying, really I knew who is ramy mahrous… really you are very lovable :) then I said: may ALLAH bless you (rbna ukrmk), you can say what the meaning to win in such a competition not from local or international competitions, the meaning is to fell your mates and friends love when you please them and say please select my designs and when do a lap around all your mates and tell them 5,8,11 and 12 (they are my designs IDs) write them and I'll bring you chocolate but after winning I did not know them (wala a3rfhom :D) after that I went to DATABASE section session I got 5/5 in the quiz it was very easy that's way I got this mark :D

Do not worry if I forgot something I'd post new post
Salam, it's now 6:33 am I going to study DISCRETE MATH :~

Catch you later, ;)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mahmoud Flash

Everyone should be honest with him/herself, especially when s/he achieves something s/he must refer to all coefficients that built that success, and as you know having people beside you is a great motive in starting new life or career.

MAHMOUD MOHAMMED ABD EL-FATAH or (Mahmoud Flash) my best friend and the best one in our faculty

Really, neither my blog nor my words can express my thanks and love to him.

I knew Mahmoud while working with Mr. Ayman, he said to us he is intelligent and helpful boy, and he would help you if we faced any problem.

I took his e-Mail, added him to my MSN Messenger contact list. I talked to him a lot about my dreams as I want to know …, .etc
He guided me to learn C and C++ as they are so important to every developer and they are basics that will help me to know anything after that.
I said how could I learn it…? He replied, give me your mobile number and tomorrow isA I'll call you* to give you good book called HOW TO PROGRAM C, C++ and JAVA.
Did you notice that? *he would call me although the one who need the book is me... (Really I did not see person like him).
After that Mahmoud and me became friends, really I love him so much :)
More than 3 years he is helping me, guide me ramy do that ramy do not do that.
I don't remember that I asked him about something and he said I don’t know.
I don't remember that he fed up me when asking him a lot and a lot.

I am praying to ALLAH to bless Mahmoud and all who are like him and also I am praying to ALLAH to help him to be instructor in our faculty.

Thank you for reading
Ramy Mahrous

Ramy Mahrous in FCI-H 2

Ramy Mahrous in FCI-H 2

Hmmmmmmmm, Thank ALLAH, I have joined reputable faculty, now I should increase my simple knowledge about computer software, I begun to work on my beloved program Microsoft Access, Microsoft FrontPage and Ulead PhotoImpact after 2 months I went to my faculty, WHAT a Beautiful, It's so nice buildings, people, students and 3amm Gom3aa :D:D, after month I went again to my faculty to do medical check in. and I knew some people in that day.
My first day, I met someone I knew her before joining FCI-H, she knows herself well :P, I great her she also did, we then went to "Introduction to Computer Science" lecture by Dr. Mohammed Bilal (Who don't know him???!) and also she introduced me to a lot of her friends, thank you H.G.
I was bit sad, I don’t use to be in place that people in don’t know me.
I returned home, full of sadness (Just few people know me) and happiness (I am now in university phase)
I am now in section 2, cute section, nice people (almost) I knew Ehab Amer (Wahibaa) and Tamer Helmy (Timon), we talked about our dreams and reasons that made us join FCI-H, Wahibaa said my dream to be game developer and to be hired in reputable game development company like EA sport and so on…
Timon said the reason I am here, that I like graphics and he is talent in hand drawing so he wanted to enhance himself
I, as you know I adore database and that was the main target when I joined this faculty and this dream grows up and became I want to join Microsoft SQL team specially in developing "Optimization and Execution Query string Layer"
After a month I knew > 90% of faculty students, yes I became little famous and my friends singed to me "3awz shohra ro7 ly ramy:D:D:D:D:D" like "3awz nokia ro7 ly raya"
Now I should study something not related to our faulty what is called "SELF-STUDY" and I got faculty syllabuses out of my mind :( :( :( the result I got bad degree.
Yes I was bit mistaken, and my advice to next students to be Excellent Students
Mr. Ayman Ezzat (May ALLAH bless him), he built us well, every section session, he used to talk with us about real life, how to build yourself outside the faculty "self-study", and give us a lot of challenges to enhance ourselves, he is good man "ya rub edin 2 aw 3 zion bs"
I succeed in challenge 1 part 1 and it was (Drawing a logo for your section and below it a simple slogan) it was so simple but I am the winner :P:P:P I also presented my website I made when I was at secondary school but in challenge 1 part 2 but I failed.
Mr. Ayman asked us (challenges winners) to make a group to enhance our skills; sure we agreed we were (Samar Hazem El-Zorkany, R.M, N.M.I, Ehab, Tamer, Amr, Mark and me)
We were going to make website, we assigning tasks, we work a lot but after few months we stopped because of some reasons but I got a lot of benefits 1) How to work beside your study 2) How to work with people you don't know 3) How to work in team 4) How to enhance yourself by yourself 5) Mahmoud Mohamed Abd El-Fata7 I am going to write a special blog for him although I know he deserves more than that
I am now in seminar lecture let me concentrate :P:D
To be continued………

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Ramy Mahrous


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ramy Mahrous in FCI-H 1

Usually, new students when they meet me, they ask, Ramy tell us why you joined this faculty; did you know something in computer before joining…?
In brief, I'll tell you the reason that I am now computer science student; I got my first computer after finishing my primary school as a gift from my family. I was bit different from my brothers; they were just playing and listening to music. I remember that first thing I did was opening office 2000 specially Microsoft Access 2000 and from that time I adored Database, I enforced myself to learn it alone, My brother, Mohamed was in office course but I disliked to ask him although he is so helpful and he was requesting from me to ask him if I faced any problem with office, then I learnt how to create database on access just building tables no more no less but every day my love to database increased inside my heart. I stopped learning database after that…why…? I saw something called FrontPage. ...woooow, I can build website, I learnt basics of HTML and I made nice website I have it till now and when I was in first grade I presented it as a challenge Mr. Ayman Ezzat gave, but the same to database I left FrontPage but not by myself, my processor burnt :( :(, Exactly after 1 year and month, and my mother refused to maintain it as after this year I had Secondary School I have to study.
Two Black Years after that….
Mabroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook sorry Congratulation I got 92.43%, YES YES YES, I'll join Faculty of Engineering, then after primary year isA I will be in Communication Department, yes it was my dream to be in Computer field I have to be first in Engineering, because I did not know something called FCI. But as you know after appearing the result of public secondary schools you receive a lot of calls, from which someone called to my mother, and my mother (rbna u7'lhaly) said Ramy likes computer so much, and he wants to join faculty of engineering as I told you, just that person replied my mother and said no……. let him join FCI, and she talked about it, and I liked its system in education and so on…
I prepared to FCI, first thing I fixed my computer and again I studied MS Access and MS FrontPage but on Office XP
Trnnn..trnnnn..trnnnn..trnnn: , who..? Someone. I received (Gawab el tnsi2) you have accepted in FCI-H…..
To be continued….

Thank you for reading
Ramy Mahrous

Sunday, March 19, 2006

A Message to the World!

In the name of ALLAH

Dear reader;

This article not related totally to computer science but it relates to OUR PROPHET MOHAMED (PBUH). Why I am talking in this issue in my blog…?
My principle is: when your religion faces a criticism you must reply in a respectable way and reply according to your field as example we are computer scientists or software developers, so we must defend our PROPHET MOHAMED (PBUH), by sending e-Mails illustrate what ISLAM means and who PROPHET MOHAMED (PBUH) is?

By chance, while browsing some blogs I found good article from Mohamed Meshref about our LOVER PROPHET MOHAMED (PBUH).
I recommend you to read it and to understand how you can defend our LOVER PROPHET MOHAMED (PBUH) as you are Muslim.
Link is:

Finally, Million thanks to all who spend a lot of time writing about our LOVER PROPHET MOHAMED (PBUH), about ISLAM and all who continuing in their boycott to DANISH PRODUCTS.(JZAHM ALLAH 7'ERN)

Thank you for reading,
Ramy Mahrous

Monday, March 13, 2006

My Favorite Aphorisms 1

My favorite aphorisms (aqwal ma2ssora), I am hearing during my life, so I intend to write them, Can I..?
ok, thank you :)

"Every girl wants one guy to meet all her needs, while every guy wants all girls to meet his one need".
Source: I received it as SMS.
Explanation: No comment but I think a girl who has sent it to me :)

"E7trm el computer 3lshan u7trmk"
Source: I saw it in cute website
Explanation: ???

"A lot of aphorisms inside everyone but we need others to outside them to us"
Source: Ramy Mahrous
Explanation: when we read aphorism, we tell to ourselves, yea really I feel that but I don't know the way to express it to others.

"Aphorisms just a translation from feeling language to human language"
Source: Ramy Mahrous
Explanation:??? I feel that.

Below others I saw them while learning MFC, really but I think they are good!

The reason people blame things on previous generations is that there's only one other choice -- Doug Larsen

The fewer the facts, the stronger the opinion -- Arnold Gasow

Few things are more satisfying than seeing your children have teenagers of their own -- Doug Larsen

While forbidden fruit is said to taste sweeter, it usually spoils faster -- Abigal Van Buren

Hospitality is making your guests feel at home, even when you wish they were —Anonymous

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going -- Beverly Sills

Any child can tell you that the sole purpose of a middle name is so he can tell when he's really in trouble -- Dennis Fakes"

In times like these, it helps to recall that there have always been times like these -- Paul Harvey

If you want to truly understand something, try to change it -- Kurt Lewin
The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything -- Theodore Roosevelt

If at first you do succeed, try to hide your astonishment -- LA Times Syndicate

The trouble with jogging is that, by the time you realize you're not in shape for it, it's too far to walk back -- Franklin Jones

I am always ready to learn, but I do not always like being taught -- Winson Churchhill

Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children; now I have six children and no theories -- John Wilmot

Failure is not falling down, but staying down -- Mary Pickford

Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you will help them to become what they are capable of being -- Johann von Goether

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity -- Elmer Letterman

Comedy is tragedy, plus time -- Carol Burnett

Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city -- George Burns

Thank you for reading,
Ramy Mahrous

Egyptian Developers Terminology 1

Hello again, Egyptian Developers terminology, yeah we have terminology you as Egyptian developer or student should know them, at least if you heard, you can understand them.

So if you are not Egyptian, I don't recommend for you reading this article

I’ll begin with most famous words I am hearing in my faculty.

(Hasshass) Mr. Ayman Ezzat’s word: and it means that something or someone became confused, i.e. he says “if you did that, interviewer, higilo hasshass fy dma3’o”

(3eeeb user) Mr.Ayman Ezzat’s word: and it said in specific situations, we used to hear this word when someone came to mr.Ayman and says I faced a problem while running a program X, and I don’t know this problem from where has came, so Mr. Ayman says 3eeeb user :D

(u2fish 3liaa or afsh 3liaa) Mr. Ehab el-Gindy’s word: and it means that compiler won’t run it and will notify you with error.

(darbb) Mr. Ehab el-Gindy’s word: and it means that “your pointer points to garbage and you use it” and occasionally he says “your program darbb, test your pointers”

(mhiiss or uhiiss) Ramy Mahrous’s word: and it means that something will behave or behaved in wrong way because you did something wrong, you can say he means with it (logical or fatal error)

I’ll go on later but now I should study DSP (Digital Signal Processing), to solve my assignment, Amr baa :( :S.

Thank you for reading,
Ramy Mahrous

Types of Students 1

Before reading, are you agree with me that people are types in their societies, if you agree read. Else I don’t mind to let you read :p

Here, in my article, the society will be my faculty and students will act the people, let me begin, as me know a lot of people in my faculty from all degrees and all levels in everything, that make me have a little experience, I’ll introduce..
Students are types…..

Selfish Formal Students who don’t care else faculty syllabuses and they only care about themselves, they hate to hear something called self-study and they think in (Cooperated Self-study Students)I’ll explain later, just a foolish people can not study faculty syllabuses so they go to self-study!!!!!!

Cooperated Formal Students who don’t care else faculty syllabuses but they help others i.e. teaching others, copy their notes and they help if they asked. They are so helpful.

NULL (NIL) Students, students who came our faculty by chance (el magmo3 wy kda) and they think in our faculty as a club they go to meet friends and know new ones, the catastrophe, they don’t help themselves or help other plus they make bad hearing to our faculty.

Selfish Self-study Students, who don’t care faculty syllabuses and they only care to know new technologies, they are working in disappear, don’t encourage others don’t teach others and when you ask them they say I don’t know :S

Cooperated Self-study Students, who don’t care faculty syllabuses and they only care to know new technologies, they encourage others to know, to not restrict themselves only with faculty syllabuses and they are very helpful, they want to make anything just to see their faculty in best statue.

Excellent Students, who care about everything self-study and faculty syllabuses they are excellent in both and they are mixed from Cooperated Self-study Students or Selfish Self-study Students and Cooperated Formal students or Selfish Formal Students.

Finally, this is my opinion and may be there other classifications of students, and I hope to all my mates to be Excellent Students or at least to be Cooperated Self-study Students.

Thank you for reading,
Ramy Mahrous

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

How you can write efficient code...?

In the name of ALLAH

How you can write efficient code...?

First of all, writing efficient code does not totally depend on your experience. But there are a lot of coefficients; developers should keep them in their mind, first of them,

1- Rest of Soul, yes, you must be in good mood to write good code, else we won't see from you good output.

2- Don’t think in anything while writing code specially people impactions when they informed about your software (assignment or un-official project)
If you see in it a great innovation.

3- WORK UNDER PRESURE, we see that statement a lot and a lot but I think all of us understand it wrong, I was, but now I understand it, work under pressure means to think just in your work and think if you did not accomplish task in deadline that will leave bad impaction at your team leaders but if you did at least you would not be fired :)

4- For all students like me or undergraduates, sleep well sleep well under any circumstances, don't stay up at night to write code, believe me, I was from those who proud they sleep just 2 hours per day, and at last I discovered that I was wrong, let me tell you a story… from 12 am to 4 am I was writing code, then I slept when I waked up I discovered all of what I coded was wrong, what's the solution...? right, CTR+A then DELETE

5- Be so concentrate while coding (I think nooooo explanation needed)

6- Try to use pencil and paper to know how you will handle your program

7- I know I did not talk about some technical issues in writing code, because it's not my point here :)

8- May there are more reasons I did not write, your comments will let us know them ;)

Thank you for reading
Ramy Mahrous

Monday, February 27, 2006


In the name of ALLAH

Just for TEST!!

Thank you,
Ramy Mahrous