Thursday, April 06, 2006

I am the winner :D:D

Hhahahahahah, I won yesterday in 2D Designs Competition, first of all I want to thank STUDENTS UNION for their great effort, and really they are very good and much cooperated they made a culture week I never seen, yeaaaa we should stand up and greet them (Y)
Yesterday, as I told you was very beautiful day for me really I felt how much my friends love me :$ when HOSSAM SADIK presented me as 2D Designs Competition winner, I …… I don't know what I should write, but you can replace my dots with all happiness I felt really you can not imagine else if you were attendee, it was cute day, and from nice situations in that day someone came to me after prizes presentation, saying, really I knew who is ramy mahrous… really you are very lovable :) then I said: may ALLAH bless you (rbna ukrmk), you can say what the meaning to win in such a competition not from local or international competitions, the meaning is to fell your mates and friends love when you please them and say please select my designs and when do a lap around all your mates and tell them 5,8,11 and 12 (they are my designs IDs) write them and I'll bring you chocolate but after winning I did not know them (wala a3rfhom :D) after that I went to DATABASE section session I got 5/5 in the quiz it was very easy that's way I got this mark :D

Do not worry if I forgot something I'd post new post
Salam, it's now 6:33 am I going to study DISCRETE MATH :~

Catch you later, ;)


Hanaa Tag el Dain

first congratulation on ur prize i am sooo happy for u & proud too cause i know u.
second el e3traf be el 72 fdilaa(5,8,11&12 :D:D:D)
third i guess yes all ppl love you cause u deserve that you really deserve that
forth can i ask who said that "really I knew who is ramy mahrous… really you are very lovable :) " my curious is killing me :D:D:D:D
keep going on may ALLAH bless you :)
Hanaa Tag

Ramy Mahrous

Thank you so much, miss hanaa, for your cute words :)


congratulation ya ramy
fifty fifty b2a mashy