Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Zizo el 3skry

I won't begin with I don't know what to write :D yesterday was a day no more no less I've started my day at 4.5 pm aka 4:30 pm as we (Ahmed Gamal, Ahmed Essawy, Khaled Adel and I) were out till 6:00 am I told you that in the last post I think I did. Anyway I'll announce that Ahmed Essawy took exemption from military service yesterday, Congrats Eng. Essawy ;-) you can apply for work right now and earn a lot and a lot while we take pocket money from our parents :D :D :D
I went to my friend Abd El-Rahman whose father has cancer please pray for him, we pray for ALLAH to save us all..
mmm, it's now 5:03 am I don't want to sleep, yes that's funny thing I developed 2 hours ago an application that takes number and give you the equivalence in text format i.e. 205 would give (2 Hundred(s) and Five) so easy but I am happy :D by the way I called this application "Zizo el 3skry" in English the name means "The soldier Zizo"

Remind me please next post to tell you about the meeting held in Cilantro with Nobel community, see you soon en shaa ALLAH
Good night