Friday, May 05, 2006

The most beautiful days 1 (Egypt vs. Senegal) in MDC 06

The most beautiful days 1 (Egypt vs. Senegal) in MDC 06

I decide to write the most beautiful days I lived with my friends, and I'll write them separately.

Every day I feel I want to write you will find it in this blog
Today, after finishing my daily walk through (MSDN.NET 2003), I told I should take a rest, so I opened some files, was from them (THE CUP OF AFRICA NATIONS)
I remembered when we were in MDC 06 (Microsoft Middle East Conference 2006) specially the third days, Microsoft invited us to attend (Egypt vs. Senegal) match….
It was very fantastic day whatever I write I can not describe this day…. really you should have imagination to imagine more than 100 developers encourage their country and it's our beloved country EGYPT.
All of who dressed suits they took off their jackets and tucked their chemises up…say at the same time MASR…MASR…MASR :D:D:D really very very very fantastic day

But the funniest thing before scoring second goal F.M.D was about to cry and she stayed saying please please please anyone, tell that EGYPT will score second goal and it will be the winner…and suddenly……..
Amr Zaki scored the second goal in Senegal we touched the ceiling and hug each others :) Boys with boys and I think no girls hug each others :D :D

Really Congratulation EGYPT on the CUP you deserved it

Wait for more ;)
Thank you for your reading,
Ramy Mahrous


Sarah Abdul

how r u ya ramy beh.
with all my respect for ur words but Egypt didn't deserve the CUp , just LUCK Made them got the CUP.
fe man3ish ba2a we ne2ol yastahloh ne7md rabna eno satrha ma3na 3alshan bas OUR land :)