Monday, October 15, 2007

Are you technology vendor?!

Few days and I'll go to my military training center where I don't know, I don't think in anything neither how I'd be treated nor how I'd treat others... anyway I didn't come here to write about military service
Today I met some of my high school friends and the closest friends to my heart Amr Gamil and Moe'mn Hatem, we talked in different issues one of them, was very weird to me; let me tell you what Moe'mn (student at Aviation Engineering) said:
We faced a problem to fix an engine damaged because an Eagle crashed with plane fan which is totally damaged, he went on saying, we insisted as students to fix it that's big challenge they went to someone Egyptian Aviation engineers consider him as the most professional one in this field, he replied: opps do you think (we) are Aviation engineers??!!! WE ARE USERS!! he left them and asked to send this engine to abroad.

What Amr (student in Veterinarian) said was near to this, in a day, a medical machine stopped they asked their boss to fix, it, he said WE ARE USERS, we don't know how it works, what we know how to input and from where it outputs.

This story in all fields in our life but let's find ourselves, make an identity to our grandsons, if you think I am talking about Microsoft technology or Java; sure you got me wrong. I can't fight a technology I like; like Microsoft one, but now now now who is better YOU or GOOGLE ?? sure Google so why Google didn't think to develop RDBMS, IDE for C++\JAVA etc let us say why Google did\do not compete Microsoft (in main products)?? why Google go to another field and became the hero; because they are professionals they don't invent the wheel.
If you want to be Technology hero, think in what others don't.
Really anyone want to begin to compete Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Sun, etc.. in any product or technology done 5+ years ago, S/HE IS A BIG ADIOT ADIOT ADIOT, if you don't like a specific product you've SDK, extend it; you've the source, modify it.
Don't tell and carry slogans which urge creating competitor products to VSTS, SQL Server, Oracle DMS, Office (MS Office or OpenOffice), etc... because that's not technology.... go to specific field others don't look at or have sucks in, challenge yourself, tell it loudly I am here.