Thursday, October 05, 2006

Do it automatically, Viva Vista :D

Do you have vista, let me show something new,
I was going to send my CV to someone, My CV in hidden folder (I do not know why I did that :D) So, I wanted to show it, I went to expolrer main menu nothing looks like Windows XP explorer.
So, F1 is the savior, Vista's F1 more than that :D, I pressed F1, search dailog appeared in search textbox I wrote "show hidden files" I selected the first result, then I found two options Do it automatically and show me step-by-step...
I selected Do it automatically... then it made it for me and said The task is complete

Very nice, Vista team (Y)


Mohamed Moshrif

Actually you can make it the same like Windows XP :)

The main menu is hidden by default in Vista, to access it, you have two ways:

1- Press Alt and it will appear.
2- From a button in the toolbar, you can select what to show, like side bar, search bar, and main menu, information bar.

After that, you can go normally to Tools->Folder Options and make what you were making normally in XP :)

Ramy Mahrous

laa ya 3m b3d el shofto mish h3ml kda :D:D Do it automatically :D:D:D


dah l far2 ben l windows user wel linux users, 3ashan keda windows dayman beyeb2a 3orda lel viruses...3ashan 3eeb user mesh 3eeb windows bas :P