Sunday, May 06, 2007


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List five things you learnt in FCI –not Technical :D-??
- مش معنى انك مشهور انك محبوب او بمعنى اصح ان كل الي حوليك بيحبوك
- لازم تبقى عنيف مع بعض الناس في بعض المناقشات
- احسن طريقه تشكر ربنا على العلم الي ادهولك انك تعلمه للناس
- شوف الي يحبك وامسك فيه بأيدك وسنانك ومهما زعلك خليك جنبه علشان مش هتلاقي احسن منه
- حب الناس جدا وحاول تعرف ناس جديده وخليك على طبيعتك على طول

Five things you will miss in FCI?
- Anything related to FCI-H
- ALL people there
- FCI-H Day rotuine
- Being FCI-H student
- Trips

Best day in FCI Helwan?
- Youm el fetar bta3 Costa

Worst day?
- 6 corners trip

Best week?
- Cultural week 2006 & 2007

Best doctor, course, book, project?
- Dr. Mohamed Bilal, Database, Database Systems, Compiler

Worst doctor, course, book, project?
- Dr. H.S, JAVA, Streaming Server project

Best instructor?
Mr. Ayman Ezzat, Amr Ghonem, Ehab El-Gendy, Nermin and Aya she is very helpful and before them all is Mrs. Hala :-)

Best situation?
- kareem Gafeer was very angery when he heared that most people forget to develop CRM in their COM+ project, and he begin to blame himself because he did not send an e-Mail confirming this task, but he assumed all people know. this situation means a lot. We all care, we all wish the best for each other.

Did you meet your sweet-half in FCI?
- Yes.

Did you regret for knowing someone in FCI?
- Sure no.

What was your favorite place in the faculty?
- First floor.

What is the size of our digital photos on your hard disk?
- 11+ GB.

What will you do in the last day?
- Nothing in my mind, sure I won't cry, I'll try to take nice pictures with my friends.

What would you like to say to dof3tnaa?
- Keep in touch

What would you like to say to other grades -aldof3at altanya- ??
- Self-study, No courses, to place a place in market; higher your skills, nothing called my dad or mamy in market, depend on yourself, fix anything broken with your mate(s), remember us well

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