Monday, May 29, 2006


Really I do not know how to begin this article but let's talk directly without wearing any type of masks on our words.

I heard about Ahmed el Fishawy and Hend el Henawy case, damn them!
I do not know how to this extent we became not fair from ALLAH, a girl –sorry- impolite girl shows in TV and she says I am adulterer I have been in relationship with some one -has not any kind of ethics or principles- and we had a baby please people -get my right- WHAT RIGHT she talks about! Really I do not know how this girl lives in EGYPT, I Swear if I am judger I'll judge on her to be in prison the rest of her life. How girl after what happened to this dirty girl can live with Muslims. I know girls live with their shame more than with their soul, what after taking off this shame please answer me I feel I am living in Europe. Her father a doctor also her mother is.
But really the did not know how to bring this girl up well.
OUR PROPHET (PBUH) said "ezaa bolitm fa estatro" I can not translate it to English but the meaning of this (prophetic tradition) "When you do something wrong do not appear your mistake".
As you know she applied that (prophetic tradition). She exposed this SIN without paying attention to anything really as my mother says "Girls become not girls!"
May your mind asks, why ramy just talks about her.
Because 10 years earlier, we used to hear every minute "Women Rights"
And when you talk to girl about her relationship with man (this relationship out of work and collage boundaries) she says "No man can take anything from girl else if she needs to give him it"
Applying that rule to this online sin, so Hend wanted that, so she is the one who bears that crime.
Walahy, their girl will damn them every night every day.
Wait a lot of SINS ONLINE after that. anything begins once, then …….. As you know :(
Really I am sorry if I said something wrong, excuse me I am so angry of what happen these days

Wait the rest…..

Thank you for reading,
Ramy Mahrous


Sarah Abdul

Ena lelah we Ena ellih rag3on , thats what u have to say on egypt after what happen with judges nth will make difference Mr.ramy and every thing is expected .


hey ramy u r right in everything u said bs de nas m3ndhash deen wla t3rf 7aga 3no 3'eer enha tl3t l2et nfsha keda moslma yb2a lehom el72 y3mlo aktr mn keda wenta 2olt a2el 7aga momken tt2al 3lehom
MarieM SamiR

Hanaa Tag el Dain

hey ,ramy & sara
i guess u must not judge all girls there must be good girls few but there are.
and en lm tst7y ff3l ma sh2t wy hiaa mosh est7t so she appear on public on TVs & newspapers taking about her sin as its nothing as sara said "Ena lelah we Ena ellih rag3on"
and i guess sara won't sleep home today she will sleeep fee el mo3tkal :D:D
Hanaa Tag

Ahmed Essawy

Very good , Two girls commented …
Because Ramy speak about women Right ..Are u with it or no ?
If yes, why you didn't joined with army :D :D .

Sarah Abdul

Sure i will join it they change the government and the president, otherwise : el gish lel ged3an :P


a ya Sara enty b3ty nfsk wla a efrdy our president 7b y3ml comment 3la blog Ramy hayde3k we yb2a ro7ty fee dahia 3shan 5ater blog Ramy mesh tlba y3ni:D:D
MarieM SamiR

Hanaa Tag el Dain

hey all,
Ahmed Essawy
first there are 3 girls comment not 2.
second ya abny ento mtbhdlin fee el balad dee only men who join the army ,yes 3shan ento elly dy3 722oko mosh el women.
the women rights means that the women must live luxury life sharing men anything they enjoy with not suffering from.
& that is obvoius in our case some woman came and said this girl is that man child reault from some relation and judge just believe her,isn't she have all her rights in this country to do that ????????
if u with it or not its already there all women enjoy with it & use it.

i hope i get u right,

Hanaa Tag.

Ahmed Essawy

This comment to all girls which ask about "Women Right " and specially to hana2. :)

Women Right

I wrote this article because I am angry from the dirty women Hend AL Hendawy which spoke about Human Right and want to get Rights to women in Egypt ,she feel me that there are no rights in Egypt .
Enjoy with reading……

Now days we hear "Women Right" , no newspaper didn't speak about " Women Right" .Are the women oppressed (MAZLOMA) in our country and the law can't insure her right ? .I don't know why I hear this word" Women Right" a lot. I know that there are some right but little which the women can't get it now days ; but I became hate this words " Women Right" because I hear this word a lot and the women now ;live there life to get it as the men thief there rights . they feel me that they haven't any right in this country , they feel me that they are persecuted(MOTAHADA) in this country . they overdo(YOBAL3`O) in this field .Now days all hear " Women Right" in political life , "Women Right" in work [Are they didn't work before this word "Women Right" ? ]and so on… .
I know that the men now a days can't carry there work effectively as Allah and the Messenger of God Mohammed (God's praise and peace be upon him) said but not the solution is to give this right to women . we are Islamic country and all know the age of Islamic culture (1400 year ) ; from 1400 year in the our Messenger of God Mohammed (God's praise and peace be upon him) days and Andalos days we didn't hear that the women live in polity life , we didn't hear any problem the women face it . Allah create our (male and female) each to specific task in his/her life .Why now u want to get the men task , Are u finished your task which Allah get u it .if ur answer yes why u choose some task and let other ? why u didn't want to work as civil engineer (MOHANDES MEDANE ) or join arm or to be taxi driver or bus driver or farmer and u want to be a manager or president or in people's assembly(MAGLES ALSHA3AB) .Plz answer me .

NOTE : mosh ma3na al kalam da 2ne rag3e we la 7agat de :D.

Right Back

Ahmed Essawy

Sarah Abdul

hi ahmed essawy , how r u?
i can't imagine that u have all these in ur heart i feel u want to kill all the girls in fci and all over the world :).
iam with u now in Egypt women have all thier rights and they about to take the men rights too (men will search and ask for thier rights very soon) but if u think y? cause men r the ppl who r resposible for what we r in now , if they didn't keep silent from along time and didn't try to say enough for what we r in ,we wouldn't be in this situation nowadays . but women were silent as ( al regal kwamon 3alla el nesa2) and they waited for them but when they do nothing women began to move and look for thier rights may they can do the change and the MAIN reason they didn't find anyone "say :stop u r women anyway "
we wad7 enk mesh rag3i 7'aleeeeeeees ;) sorry 3alshan twelt.

Hanaa Tag el Dain

Hey all ,
Essway :) i am totally disagree with u & sure u know that:)

most of women can do tasks more prefectly than men there are aloot of jobs just asks for females is there are tasks just asks for males if there are its few just because women can do it better and women can do things men can not do.
fee 3hd el rsol Mohamed (Salla allah 3lih wa salam) he pick up asm2aa bnt aby bakr to bring them food while el hegra (Mohamed & Abo Bakr el sdek)she was climb a mountain although she was pregnant , u know why cause she will do that task better and she did it better he do not pick up a man to do that although its man task.i do not mean that man can not do that task but just he just pick a woman.

and about women rights yes women still persecuted u know why
cause husbands still hit their wifes and still marry more than one on her without respect to her rights,
cause girls can not wake safety on the streets after 10 am.

u know women can work in any field they can be taxi drivers and a farmer and can be in army too (in germeny they are in army)
and can make things better.

i hope u get me :)

Hanaa Tag


hii for all
ana mesh m3 Essawy fee elkalam elly 2alo bs bardo mesh m3 hanaa fee fr2 bean en elrassol(sla allah 3leeh we salm)3mlo m3 asmaa bent abybkr(radea allah 3nha)we elly be7sl enhrda enhom betlbo bnat lelsho3'l mesh welad homa betlbo bnat mesh 3shan 5ater 3yoon women rights aw 3shan beshg3 elmr2a wla 7aga da bs 3shan 5ater e3lan lelsl3a elly beb3ha 3shan 3arf kol ma kan fee bnat kol ma elly etfrgo aktr y3ni ber5so mn 2meet elbanat mesh bezwdoo menha be3ks elly eleslam be2ool 3leeh we kman eleslam 2al en elbent tt3lm we tsht3'l bs be adb we e7tram elly eldeen 2al 3leeh mesh belly be7sl enhrda:S
sorry law kont twelt 3leko

Thank You
MarieM SamiR


u r right ramy in all wt u said. wb3deen e7na asln fe bald eslamia esm bs wala bettb2 share3a wala deen wala ay 7aga asln elmafrood enhom e3trfo enohom mish etgwzo 3orfe 7tta so,elmafrod en lena mish ttnseb leeh bs tb3n e7na akeed akeed fe masr :D ;)
wrabena yestor 3la el ayam el gaia asl homa by this way 7'alo el donia easy awe
really all wt we can say "En lelah wena aleh rag3oon "3la r2y Miss.sara
wrabena yestor isa

Mohammad Nabil

About women rights:
In Islam women have all rights, I think we all agree on that. Problems originated from misapplication caused by society misunderstanding and even a meant corruption in the understanding by conspirers.
I believe that once Islam is well-understood AND applied by all men AND women, there will exist no violation for the woman rights granted to her by Allah.
I just wanna know, if women really understood Islam, and know and feel and is sure how much benefit they can give muslim world JUST by raising children and taking gr8 care of them. Not mentioning the Thawab, which is gr8. NOTE that I mean taking good care NOT just feeding and studying for them. I mean by keeping track of the newest in the sceince of raising kids to be gr8 ppl. And also by watching what they seem to like and guiding them in there intests and hobbies, by learning what they like and participating in the action. And also in case of feeding, keeps track not only of "healthy food", but checking what type of food is best for his excercises, exams, and the phase of his growth and doesn't make him eat what he doesn't like etc. Also it was proved that neat houses increase intelligence. I am sure that a good "muslim" mother will have enough imagination to raise maybe the next "ibn sina" or "el 7'awarizmi" or even the next muslim 7'alifa. Even if he wasn't that gr8, at least he will be a gr8 muslim and his mom will take the Thawab for every minute she spent raising him.
I personally believe that media have brain-washed young muslim-girls, future moms, to convince them that working in other fields is a proof and a symbol for their rights.
Believe me you can be as creative in raising children as in any other job, maybe more.
Staying at home, men 3'eer bahdala fel mawaslat, planning how to raise gr8 children, and over all that, taking tons of Hasanat per hour!!
IMPORTANT: I am not saying that working for women is bad, NO. There are gr8 worker women. I am just saying that they just should consider their Natural task at first.
Also husbands who hit there wifes are criminals and usually they are ignotant ppl, you can't blame the whole socity just cuz criminals, DO NOT do like america who blames islam for terrorists!!
And btw, husbands who is being hit by their wives exists too ;).

Ramy Mahrous

Nabil you are rag3y wy mot7'lf.... If you said that in front of ISLAM destroyers!
Today, USAMA Anwar 3okasha rbna uhdih wy uhdy amsloh.
a3d sa3teen ushtm fy el 7gab wy el islam in indirection way.. soon isA I'll write what he said but really we are fighted in our ISLAM via women because they know our weak point

Ramy Mahrous

ely ana kan asdy 3lih ya nabil enta mish rag3y wala mot7'lf I mean el nas ely 3awza tdmr el islam ta7t rayt "women rights" hu3tbrook rag3y wy mot7'lf

Ahmed Essawy

Besm Allah

After ur comments( sarah,hana2 and mariem )in my comment was me really afraid :) la7san te3melo 3alaya 2nkelab ma3a banat al-dof3a ta7t 2sm 72o2 al mar2a .

But i relaxed after Nabil comment because i feel that el-2nkelab 7ykon 3aleh (7abebe ya nabil:)) :D .

Ana kont me7adar leko rad wa7da wa7da bas sara7a ba3d kalam Nabil i can't write any word .

i am with Nabil .

We 7atkoon men shorote fe my wife
ra2yaha fe wonmen right :D:D .

Ahmed Essawy

Hanaa Tag el Dain

hey all ,
HeY essawy ,Nabil & Ramy I really like nabil's comment yes i like it we 3laa fekraa i really begain to think stay home after marry we 3laa fekraa i totally believe in women rights too cause el eslam mosh mtb2a awy fee bladnaa dee so i believe in women rights cause they deserve, as i think :)

Really thnx ya nabil :)
we yareet n22fel el modo3 da b2aa we ro7oo zakroo kfaya kda :)

Hanaa Tag


hey Ramy,Essawy,Nabil
ya gam3a e7na 5las rf3na elrayea elbeda we t2rebn mfesh 7d byfkr ysht3'l after marry isA y3ni law kan fee asln:D:D we 5las ya Essawy&Nabil momken bokra lma tro7o elemt7an y2oloko enko 5las sheo3y enta we hwa we mmno3 td5lo elkolea we en ento bet2oo elnas 3la mama suzan we baba mubarak:D:D
wenta ya ramy 3ndk 72 ana sm3t shoyea mn klam osama anwr 3okasha fee eshr m3ana we 3la ray 3adel emam "de nas zebala ya ragel":D sorry fee el lfz y3ni

thank u
MarieM SamiR

Sarah Abdul

ezaykom ya gma3a. esma7li ya nabil an7ni e7tramn le kalamk .
bas bardo el 7amd lelah that in our field we can do our work @ home :P ,women can work and take very good care of thier childern and they will be helpful for thier childern as they will be updated wz all the outside so i can deal wz my childern isA without the gap between generation.
hope u got what i mean we kifaia 3alla article dah keda 3alshan te3bt. btw ya esawy ana mesh ma3ko fe dof3a :P

Mohammad Nabil
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mohammad Nabil
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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