Sunday, December 21, 2008

End user

In summary, we firmly believe that dimensional modeling is the only viable technique for designing end user delivery databases. Entity-relationship modeling defeats end user delivery and should not be used for this purpose. Quoted from “The Data Warehouse Life Cycle Toolkit” by Ralph Kimball -page 5.8-

Here’s confusion, and sure there’s difference between DM end user and Entity-Relationship modeling end user.

DM’s end user: almost someone involved in business and more likely to be decision maker; sees by DM something expected to be.

Entity-Relationship’s end user: simple client just need to automate\upgrade some business process.

Definitely, the end users experience is different and that’s fault to compare between them, and all in all, end users don’t to use diagrams.

Although being technical post, I didn’t post it on FCI-H blog, because it shows my personal opinion and it may be wrong.