Monday, August 28, 2006

Read to feel my dejection :(

Read to feel my dejection :( :~

I am so quit

Today as some of you know I was in interview, It was the fourth time in my
life and as usual after 10 minutes of the interview the interviewer (employer)
discovers I am under zft undergraduate and as usual s/he says “We will
call you later!”

The dejection baa

Please choose the correct answer
Educational Ref.: 2003-2007 [FCI-HU]
FCI-HU [ Faculty of Computers and Information - Helwan University - Egypt ]
Undergraduate, 4th Year Computer Science Department.

The question is: what do you understand in the statement colored by red?

1-I am postgraduate
2-I am undergraduate
3-I did not mention anything about my education statue

The statement colored by red written in my CV and check it if you do not believe

So, WHAT MAKES HR or Secretary Calls me and arranges with me an interview as
they do not need UNDERGRADUTES????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They do not understand English or what???!

SICC (today), LINKdotNET (First semester of 3rd year), North Africa (2nd year
and 3rd year) two times :~

And when I say to them I wrote in my CV that I am undergraduate, they replied your CV looks like postgraduate CV ???????????! (ya3ny aih el CV bta3y tl3lo sh3r fy d2noo wala eih)

Walahy el 3azzem I swear if anyone called me again, first word I’d say
“I AM UNDERGRADUTE”, because that’s over!