Monday, March 13, 2006

Egyptian Developers Terminology 1

Hello again, Egyptian Developers terminology, yeah we have terminology you as Egyptian developer or student should know them, at least if you heard, you can understand them.

So if you are not Egyptian, I don't recommend for you reading this article

I’ll begin with most famous words I am hearing in my faculty.

(Hasshass) Mr. Ayman Ezzat’s word: and it means that something or someone became confused, i.e. he says “if you did that, interviewer, higilo hasshass fy dma3’o”

(3eeeb user) Mr.Ayman Ezzat’s word: and it said in specific situations, we used to hear this word when someone came to mr.Ayman and says I faced a problem while running a program X, and I don’t know this problem from where has came, so Mr. Ayman says 3eeeb user :D

(u2fish 3liaa or afsh 3liaa) Mr. Ehab el-Gindy’s word: and it means that compiler won’t run it and will notify you with error.

(darbb) Mr. Ehab el-Gindy’s word: and it means that “your pointer points to garbage and you use it” and occasionally he says “your program darbb, test your pointers”

(mhiiss or uhiiss) Ramy Mahrous’s word: and it means that something will behave or behaved in wrong way because you did something wrong, you can say he means with it (logical or fatal error)

I’ll go on later but now I should study DSP (Digital Signal Processing), to solve my assignment, Amr baa :( :S.

Thank you for reading,
Ramy Mahrous


Hanaa Tag el Dain

Aih el kalam dah ."Hasshass" Walahy enta gamed ,gamed gdan bgd 7loo tnf2 momsel comdy bs in Radio not TV & u know Why ??:P:D:D

Mohamed Meshref

Yes, 3eb user deh is for Egyptians Developers only, we don't see it here in West :)