Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mahmoud Flash

Everyone should be honest with him/herself, especially when s/he achieves something s/he must refer to all coefficients that built that success, and as you know having people beside you is a great motive in starting new life or career.

MAHMOUD MOHAMMED ABD EL-FATAH or (Mahmoud Flash) my best friend and the best one in our faculty

Really, neither my blog nor my words can express my thanks and love to him.

I knew Mahmoud while working with Mr. Ayman, he said to us he is intelligent and helpful boy, and he would help you if we faced any problem.

I took his e-Mail, added him to my MSN Messenger contact list. I talked to him a lot about my dreams as I want to know …, .etc
He guided me to learn C and C++ as they are so important to every developer and they are basics that will help me to know anything after that.
I said how could I learn it…? He replied, give me your mobile number and tomorrow isA I'll call you* to give you good book called HOW TO PROGRAM C, C++ and JAVA.
Did you notice that? *he would call me although the one who need the book is me... (Really I did not see person like him).
After that Mahmoud and me became friends, really I love him so much :)
More than 3 years he is helping me, guide me ramy do that ramy do not do that.
I don't remember that I asked him about something and he said I don’t know.
I don't remember that he fed up me when asking him a lot and a lot.

I am praying to ALLAH to bless Mahmoud and all who are like him and also I am praying to ALLAH to help him to be instructor in our faculty.

Thank you for reading
Ramy Mahrous


Mohammad Alaggan

yes, Mahmoud AbdelFata7 is really gr8 person, and i love him so much :). You too are a gr8 person Ramy btw ;)

Mohammad Alaggan
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Ramy Mahrous
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Hanaa Tag el Dain

Mahoumd is too great person he need 3 or 4 blogs not just one i really too respect him