Sunday, June 25, 2006


In the name of ALLAH

Today, I and Nabil talked about our RDBMS, and I’ve begun reading in Data Storage, Indexing, Query Processing and physical Design because implementing my task needs full knowledge about what I’ve mentioned and specially Query Processing…

So, what is my main target of making RDBMS?

First, I do not make RDBMS to challenge any RDBMSs vendors (Microsoft, MySQL, Oracle and so fourth).
Second, my task won’t be OPEN-SOURCE.
Third, till now I’ll work under .NET technology.
Fourth, my essential target is to understand how RDBMSs work, how to implement SQL algorithms because my dream is working in SQL Server team.
Fifth, working in such projects will give me experience I think will gain benefits for me more than get training in IT-Company.

So, may ALLAH bless you and us

Thank you for reading,
Ramy Mahrous


Kareem El-Haki

hi ramy
good step ,go ahead rabna yawf2ko
ISA lama ya7'las el program ab2a 7'alni awal wa7d yetest mashy
good luck...

Ahmed Essawy

law 7aga zay keda 2t3amalet 7aykoon fa7`r lekoool FCI_H.
Rabena ma3ak , Neshofak fe al SQL team isA .we zay ma kareem 2al lama ya7'las el program ab2a 7'alni awal wa7d yetest .

Mohamed Meshref

By the way, making your RDBMS is not hard at all, here you're a link for RDMBS which is about 1 MB in size and you can read it and understand it completely in less than 1 week:

It supports most of SQL92 and its transaction are ACID and supports databases till size of 2 TB.

The problem is not making RDBMS, it's about managing this RDBMS ;)

Ramy Mahrous

thnx ya meshref, e7na 3lina el try wy rbna 3lih el twafik :)

Mohamed Meshref

mana ba2olak it's not hard :)

Ramy Mahrous

akid lo fy 7aga hs2lk wala eh :D?

Mohamed Meshref

es2al :)
bas zay maba2olak, try el link eli edetholak dah, dah complete RDBMS we so3'ayar mot, ana lama baset feh 2areto 3alatol ya3ni

Ramy Mahrous

ya3ny hoa ana mish hs2al now now. bs ah el 7agat ely tns7na biha. ya3ny n2ra fy ah? ah a7sn book ufhmna sql algorithms el donia mashya kda wala el kalam bta3 el algorithms mish dah ely bi7sl 7a2i2y..ya3ny

Mohamed Meshref

La2 ketab eih deh sa3ba 2wy 3alashan mafesh ketab mo3ayan, kol 7aga aslan leha books keterrrrrrrrrr, ya3ni masalan el query optimization, dah 3elm lewa7do, wel query execution dah 3elm tany lewa7do, wel storage 3elm talet, kol 7aga fehom mawal lewa7do mayenfa3shy ever wa7ed yekon fahemhom kolohom, we deh el nase7a hena, mawdo3 enak te2ra fehom kolohom dah mosta7el, 2odamak masalan wala 10 senen, 2asemo el work keda we kol wa7ed yet7'asas fe 7ga
deh 2wel point

tany point, read el code eli ba3ato 3alashan ta7'od fekra, dah sample baset how a simplest RDBMS should be like

Mohamed Meshref

3alashan bas adelak indication how much it's impossible enak te2ra fe kol 7aga, code el SQL Server is about 1TB (slightly more), so to read alone what will make you write 1TB of code is impossible, the better approach enoko te2asemo el work, wel work hena mesh el ketaba bas, la2 el reading kaman