Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mahmoud Flash

Everyone should be honest with him/herself, especially when s/he achieves something s/he must refer to all coefficients that built that success, and as you know having people beside you is a great motive in starting new life or career.

MAHMOUD MOHAMMED ABD EL-FATAH or (Mahmoud Flash) my best friend and the best one in our faculty

Really, neither my blog nor my words can express my thanks and love to him.

I knew Mahmoud while working with Mr. Ayman, he said to us he is intelligent and helpful boy, and he would help you if we faced any problem.

I took his e-Mail, added him to my MSN Messenger contact list. I talked to him a lot about my dreams as I want to know …, .etc
He guided me to learn C and C++ as they are so important to every developer and they are basics that will help me to know anything after that.
I said how could I learn it…? He replied, give me your mobile number and tomorrow isA I'll call you* to give you good book called HOW TO PROGRAM C, C++ and JAVA.
Did you notice that? *he would call me although the one who need the book is me... (Really I did not see person like him).
After that Mahmoud and me became friends, really I love him so much :)
More than 3 years he is helping me, guide me ramy do that ramy do not do that.
I don't remember that I asked him about something and he said I don’t know.
I don't remember that he fed up me when asking him a lot and a lot.

I am praying to ALLAH to bless Mahmoud and all who are like him and also I am praying to ALLAH to help him to be instructor in our faculty.

Thank you for reading
Ramy Mahrous

Ramy Mahrous in FCI-H 2

Ramy Mahrous in FCI-H 2

Hmmmmmmmm, Thank ALLAH, I have joined reputable faculty, now I should increase my simple knowledge about computer software, I begun to work on my beloved program Microsoft Access, Microsoft FrontPage and Ulead PhotoImpact after 2 months I went to my faculty, WHAT a Beautiful, It's so nice buildings, people, students and 3amm Gom3aa :D:D, after month I went again to my faculty to do medical check in. and I knew some people in that day.
My first day, I met someone I knew her before joining FCI-H, she knows herself well :P, I great her she also did, we then went to "Introduction to Computer Science" lecture by Dr. Mohammed Bilal (Who don't know him???!) and also she introduced me to a lot of her friends, thank you H.G.
I was bit sad, I don’t use to be in place that people in don’t know me.
I returned home, full of sadness (Just few people know me) and happiness (I am now in university phase)
I am now in section 2, cute section, nice people (almost) I knew Ehab Amer (Wahibaa) and Tamer Helmy (Timon), we talked about our dreams and reasons that made us join FCI-H, Wahibaa said my dream to be game developer and to be hired in reputable game development company like EA sport and so on…
Timon said the reason I am here, that I like graphics and he is talent in hand drawing so he wanted to enhance himself
I, as you know I adore database and that was the main target when I joined this faculty and this dream grows up and became I want to join Microsoft SQL team specially in developing "Optimization and Execution Query string Layer"
After a month I knew > 90% of faculty students, yes I became little famous and my friends singed to me "3awz shohra ro7 ly ramy:D:D:D:D:D" like "3awz nokia ro7 ly raya"
Now I should study something not related to our faulty what is called "SELF-STUDY" and I got faculty syllabuses out of my mind :( :( :( the result I got bad degree.
Yes I was bit mistaken, and my advice to next students to be Excellent Students
Mr. Ayman Ezzat (May ALLAH bless him), he built us well, every section session, he used to talk with us about real life, how to build yourself outside the faculty "self-study", and give us a lot of challenges to enhance ourselves, he is good man "ya rub edin 2 aw 3 zion bs"
I succeed in challenge 1 part 1 and it was (Drawing a logo for your section and below it a simple slogan) it was so simple but I am the winner :P:P:P I also presented my website I made when I was at secondary school but in challenge 1 part 2 but I failed.
Mr. Ayman asked us (challenges winners) to make a group to enhance our skills; sure we agreed we were (Samar Hazem El-Zorkany, R.M, N.M.I, Ehab, Tamer, Amr, Mark and me)
We were going to make website, we assigning tasks, we work a lot but after few months we stopped because of some reasons but I got a lot of benefits 1) How to work beside your study 2) How to work with people you don't know 3) How to work in team 4) How to enhance yourself by yourself 5) Mahmoud Mohamed Abd El-Fata7 I am going to write a special blog for him although I know he deserves more than that
I am now in seminar lecture let me concentrate :P:D
To be continued………