Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ramy Mahrous in FCI-H 1

Usually, new students when they meet me, they ask, Ramy tell us why you joined this faculty; did you know something in computer before joining…?
In brief, I'll tell you the reason that I am now computer science student; I got my first computer after finishing my primary school as a gift from my family. I was bit different from my brothers; they were just playing and listening to music. I remember that first thing I did was opening office 2000 specially Microsoft Access 2000 and from that time I adored Database, I enforced myself to learn it alone, My brother, Mohamed was in office course but I disliked to ask him although he is so helpful and he was requesting from me to ask him if I faced any problem with office, then I learnt how to create database on access just building tables no more no less but every day my love to database increased inside my heart. I stopped learning database after that…why…? I saw something called FrontPage. ...woooow, I can build website, I learnt basics of HTML and I made nice website I have it till now and when I was in first grade I presented it as a challenge Mr. Ayman Ezzat gave, but the same to database I left FrontPage but not by myself, my processor burnt :( :(, Exactly after 1 year and month, and my mother refused to maintain it as after this year I had Secondary School I have to study.
Two Black Years after that….
Mabroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook sorry Congratulation I got 92.43%, YES YES YES, I'll join Faculty of Engineering, then after primary year isA I will be in Communication Department, yes it was my dream to be in Computer field I have to be first in Engineering, because I did not know something called FCI. But as you know after appearing the result of public secondary schools you receive a lot of calls, from which someone called to my mother, and my mother (rbna u7'lhaly) said Ramy likes computer so much, and he wants to join faculty of engineering as I told you, just that person replied my mother and said no……. let him join FCI, and she talked about it, and I liked its system in education and so on…
I prepared to FCI, first thing I fixed my computer and again I studied MS Access and MS FrontPage but on Office XP
Trnnn..trnnnn..trnnnn..trnnn: , who..? Someone. I received (Gawab el tnsi2) you have accepted in FCI-H…..
To be continued….

Thank you for reading
Ramy Mahrous