Thursday, May 25, 2006

My Wife

Now I realized that there will just be one year and I'll leave our faculty After ALLAH willing (YA RUB I want to be in fourth degree next year).
So I decided to write my wife aspects hoping found comments to this article saying I have these aspects so let's begin and bypass this preface.

1- I wish her to not be related to Computer Science at all.
2- I love girls that they don’t put makeup especially "mascara" and they don't put k7ool in their eyes.
3- Hope to marry someone has blue or green eyes
4- She must be serious very very serious with people and to be funny, cute and joy with me.
5- I want her to be tall enough almost like me.
6- She must to be very soft and to be not angry and "Nkadya".
7- Yes, I forgot, I want her to be blond.
8- What a nice, if she is not jealous.
9- She should bear my staying in front of computer for more than 18 Hours/Day
10- I've escaped something like to be religious, respectable because they are my first priorities.
11- Here voice should be mild neither high nor low.
12- She should not have boys' friends. JUST collage mates accepted.
13- She should be very very very unassuming.
14- She should love me.
15- Really, she should love Microsoft and hates SUN and any OPEN SOURCE vendors. (General Information –Refer to Rule Number One- ).
16- She should be excellent cooker.
17- She should not be "Amassa (btz3l kteer)".
18- She should be obedient; I have not soul to repeat my words.
19- She should not be wasted.
20- She should have a sort of beauty.

I think I've forgot a lot of rules for applicants :D:D
So, if I remembered I'd write them isA
Catch you later :)

Thank you for reading,
Ramy Mahrous



ya ostaz haroon elrashed meen de ely haykoon feha elmwsfat de kolha we trda beek asln we kman enta nseet 7aga mohma hea lazem tb2a sbora gednnnnnn 3shan t2dr tt7mlk:D:P
MarieM SamiR

Samar AbdElMonsef

mesh awy keda ya mariam my brother ramy will find the best wife ever
I am sure he will
but only in his dreams :P

Hanaa Tag el Dain
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Hanaa Tag el Dain

hey ramy ,mariem & samar

first u said " 1- I wish her to not be related to Computer Science at all." Then "15- Really, she should love Microsoft and hates SUN and any OPEN SOURCE vendors. (General Information –Refer to Rule Number One- )." :S:S check ur blog & if u want it have general info how could she love MS & Hate SUN ,if she have mobile she shuold love sun.
& u siad that u want her blond & have blue or green eyes then have sort of beauty (Kno3):D

i see in ur description that u need an angle, rare coin.

but really i wish u find her truthly wy rbnaa m3aak

Hanaa Tag el Dain

Ramy Mahrous


Hello from the United States!! :-)


Ramy Mahrous

Welcome from EGYPT ;)


sorry ya ramy ya 7abeby, laken elly bet2ol 3aleh da e3lan here on earth or on jupiter or may be mars?? ya rabena,, ba2olak law la2et wa7da keda shofly law leha o5t ,, wala a2olak el rasol sala Allah 3alayh wasalam 2al" mazalat 2omaty be5ayr madam al mar2 yo7eb le a5eh mayo7eboh le nafsoh" wana a5ok fel eslam ya ramy ..3omoman ,, rabena yehdek lel ka2en elly betdawar 3aleh :D

Ramy Mahrous

ya mustafa if i found her i'll marry her, her mother, her sister and her father :D:D:D
hbu3k s3tha:D:D

Sarah Abdul

e7m e7m ya darsh na7no hona , o5tk lazem teftkrha bardo walla eh ya abo el room.

Ahmed Essawy

It is the first time to see subject as this "My Wife" in the internet , and it's first time to comment some thing as this :) .
The main condition you written was number ten because it is the base of any thing [10- I've escaped something like to be religious, respectable because they are my first priorities.].

I have now four comments :) they are :

The frist :

You said in number nine [She should bear my staying in front of computer for more than 18 Hours/Day] .If you work for 18 hours ber day and the normal person in this case will sleep from 6 : 8 hours to continue the next day ,this mean that you will complete your day (24 hour) with out your wife :) ,so why you will married :) who's will accept this condition (number 9 ) .
The second :

You said [I wish her to not be related to Computer Science at all.]
In number one .My opinion she should at least relate to any computer fields to feel you and know how you tiring .
#if she saw you when you face a big problem in programming or in written algorithm and you speak the wall :D or your self ;she will say that u are crazy and can't feel the realty of your problem :D .Put you in her place (one person speak the wall or his self:) ) if you have other opinion then you are a special case .
The third :

The love is blind :D (any one can believe this fact just after marriage )
I want to see your wife in future ( sure ) that satisfy all your conditions, yellow eyes …….etc.
{Plz , if you found one Plz kalemle 2o7`tha :D ) .
The fourth and last :

# All conditions which satisfy any girl are relative .
# I see you describe a complete girl or angels .No girl will satisfy 100% of your condition but imaginary you can :) . I mean by the previous sentences that u sure will disclaimer some condition (any not creatural condition sure.. ) ,so you will get the best of the best isA .
{2d3ele 3lashan 2d3elak :D:D:D}

Ahmed Essawy

Ramy Mahrous

Thnx 3essawy bgd ur words made me laugh :D
First: hia dih shroty 3gbko 3gbko mish 3gbko mish hatgoooz :D
ya ebny momkn t2diha chat with her mn el sho3'l akid hubaa 3andy ADSL :P wy hazbt wy h3rfha 3la as7aby(el banat) mn el net

Second:walahy lo bent (bill gates) htbi3k wy kaman 3eeb 3lik ts2lha. t2ol l3ialk aih dah aboko 7'ayb mish 3arf u7ot semicolon :D

Third: laa ya 3m mish blind ana hbaa mft7 fy el 7agat dih

Fourth: hoa fy bs mish fy kolitna
fa enta 7asses eny mafish bs t3ala nro7 adab aw tegara hagoozk arb3a fy awl mo7dra :D:D

Hanaa Tag el Dain

3sswy u r great i really love ur comment u said aloooot of what have to be said in a great way really ,and sure ur words make me laugh
we belnsbaa l ramy ,ramy dah 3ysh fee el 7lm bokraa n7dr fr7oo 3liaa mohndist computer lbsaa ndaraa k3b kobiaa we mbtshofsh asln mosh 3nihaa mlonaa :D:D
Hanaa Tag

Mohamed Meshref

wenaby yabni law la2et 7ad shofly ma3ak ana fel 3'orba wel 3'orba sa3ba :D

Abd by the way sa7i7, eih 18 hours deh?!
bete3mel fehom eih :D?

Ramy Mahrous

bokraaa nshof ya hanaa. and asln htgooz isA wa7da zay el amr 7aga kda 7loa awy wy soft wy smart.. wy el banat hi3'ero mnha :D:D:P

Ramy Mahrous

18 sa3a...enta fahem baa ha run(F5) 3la akl 3ishy :D

Hanaa Tag el Dain

ah 7lwaa awy awy wy soft & smart live here on earth & more than that she will marry u yeeeees just in dreams ,u know u won't ever ever ever marry cause nobody bear someone like u work 18 h & love microsoft else his mother.
so u will stilll homy we 7tb2aa shhed ll 3lm :D:D
Hanaa Tag


hey 3essawy ur comment is very good begd 3gbny awy bs 3yza a2olk en mesh elbnat bs elly mesh kmleen mn klo elwlad kman "elkmal lelah w7do" we klo 3mal y2ol le ramy shofly m3ak ento law l2eto w7da bs keda tb2a mo3geza elahea we kfia awy enha hat3rf ramy mesh hatb2a 3yza t3rf 7d mn 7sbat tany 7ta law leha 10000 o5t ma asl "5btetan fee elras twg3" we kfia w7da nasbeha 5ab:D:D
MarieM SamiR


السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
انا مقتنع تماماً بالمواصفات بتاعت رامي وشايف ان دي هي المواصفات المناسبة فعلا بس ده لو انت كنت ليوناردوا دي كابريو ولا توم كروز ولا حتي رشدي اباظة اما بالنسبة للغلابة اللي زينا فالمفروض تقدم شوية تنازلات يعني مثلا بالنسبة للعين مش لازم تبقي زرقة ولا خضرا ( دي حتي بتزغلل) ممكن تبقي عادي سودا ويستحسن لو كانت العروسة حولة او مبتشوفش خالص علي الاقل عشان متخدش بالها انك قاعد قدام الكمبيوتر و تفتكرك شغال علي التلاجة
وبرضه بالنسبة للشعر مش لازم يبقي أصفر برضه عشان نفس نظرية الزغللة بتاعت العين يعني ممكن يبقي اسود او بني او حتي تبقي قرعة ده حتي الشعر حاجة ملهاش لازمة اساسا ومكلفة
بالنسبة لموضوع الغيرة معتقدش انه ممكن يبقي موجود اساساًإلا لو كانت فعلا مبتشوفش بالنسبة للصوت مش لازم يبقي ناعم قوي كده يعني لو صوتها زي صوت عبده شفتورة هيبقي كويس علي الاقل تقدر تسمعه بوضوح بالنسبة لموضوع انها تبقي مطيعة فده اكيد شرط ضروري جدا لازم فعلا تبقي مطيعة وطيبة وبالمناسبة انا اعرف كتير من النوعية دي موجودين في سجن القناطر يعني ديتها لو طلبت منها حاجة معجبتهاش هتجيب وشك 111 بالنسبة لإنها تحب microsoft وتكره sun فده طبيعي بالنسبة لأي حد مبيفهمش في الكمبيوتر (أنظر الشرط رقم 1 ) لأنها اساساً مش هتعرف يعني ايه Sun ولا يعني ايه open source
عامة يا رامي دعواتي ليك ان ربنا يوفقك وتلاقي العروسة اللي انت عايزها بكل المواصفات اللي انت قلتها (بعد التعديلات) وربنا يوفقكم ويهنيكم مع بعض وتترحلوا لسجن طرة (عشان قريب من الجامعة)

*انتظر زيارة قريبة بعيش وحلاوة من اخوك

خالد عادل


حلوه جداً يا خلود هبقى اجى معاك أزورهم