Thursday, July 12, 2007

What do you think in Egyptian IT industry?

I've been shocked a little when I saw this picture (the one lower the context) but I said that's right, so why I've been shocked and why I admitted that.

Shocking: came from that I know and I am sure of that, we have brilliant people and they can carry the IT industry in Egypt to infinity success, I've dealt with a lot of IT professionals whatever the tool they use, but they working in same room, working in IT field, but as Mohamed Nabil said in his really really great post, we don't want to innovate new technology, he didn't say go and reinvent the wheel, he was talking about innovating something new, I recommend you to read this post

Why that's right: almost of my friends who did great and powerful graduation projects, really new ideas, great work, perfect implementation, etc
after all of that, they haven't the motivation and ambition to continue, executables isn't products, what about if each computers and information faculty in Egypt out 50 - 60 IT products, just 1 and only 1 research in any IT field???
Would Egypt rank be like that??!!
Would next CS and IS generations have this frustration that most of us have?!!!
Would some of IS students going on to make web sites as graduation projects??????????!

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