Wednesday, March 08, 2006

How you can write efficient code...?

In the name of ALLAH

How you can write efficient code...?

First of all, writing efficient code does not totally depend on your experience. But there are a lot of coefficients; developers should keep them in their mind, first of them,

1- Rest of Soul, yes, you must be in good mood to write good code, else we won't see from you good output.

2- Don’t think in anything while writing code specially people impactions when they informed about your software (assignment or un-official project)
If you see in it a great innovation.

3- WORK UNDER PRESURE, we see that statement a lot and a lot but I think all of us understand it wrong, I was, but now I understand it, work under pressure means to think just in your work and think if you did not accomplish task in deadline that will leave bad impaction at your team leaders but if you did at least you would not be fired :)

4- For all students like me or undergraduates, sleep well sleep well under any circumstances, don't stay up at night to write code, believe me, I was from those who proud they sleep just 2 hours per day, and at last I discovered that I was wrong, let me tell you a story… from 12 am to 4 am I was writing code, then I slept when I waked up I discovered all of what I coded was wrong, what's the solution...? right, CTR+A then DELETE

5- Be so concentrate while coding (I think nooooo explanation needed)

6- Try to use pencil and paper to know how you will handle your program

7- I know I did not talk about some technical issues in writing code, because it's not my point here :)

8- May there are more reasons I did not write, your comments will let us know them ;)

Thank you for reading
Ramy Mahrous