Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ramy Mahrous in FCI-H 1

Usually, new students when they meet me, they ask, Ramy tell us why you joined this faculty; did you know something in computer before joining…?
In brief, I'll tell you the reason that I am now computer science student; I got my first computer after finishing my primary school as a gift from my family. I was bit different from my brothers; they were just playing and listening to music. I remember that first thing I did was opening office 2000 specially Microsoft Access 2000 and from that time I adored Database, I enforced myself to learn it alone, My brother, Mohamed was in office course but I disliked to ask him although he is so helpful and he was requesting from me to ask him if I faced any problem with office, then I learnt how to create database on access just building tables no more no less but every day my love to database increased inside my heart. I stopped learning database after that…why…? I saw something called FrontPage. ...woooow, I can build website, I learnt basics of HTML and I made nice website I have it till now and when I was in first grade I presented it as a challenge Mr. Ayman Ezzat gave, but the same to database I left FrontPage but not by myself, my processor burnt :( :(, Exactly after 1 year and month, and my mother refused to maintain it as after this year I had Secondary School I have to study.
Two Black Years after that….
Mabroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook sorry Congratulation I got 92.43%, YES YES YES, I'll join Faculty of Engineering, then after primary year isA I will be in Communication Department, yes it was my dream to be in Computer field I have to be first in Engineering, because I did not know something called FCI. But as you know after appearing the result of public secondary schools you receive a lot of calls, from which someone called to my mother, and my mother (rbna u7'lhaly) said Ramy likes computer so much, and he wants to join faculty of engineering as I told you, just that person replied my mother and said no……. let him join FCI, and she talked about it, and I liked its system in education and so on…
I prepared to FCI, first thing I fixed my computer and again I studied MS Access and MS FrontPage but on Office XP
Trnnn..trnnnn..trnnnn..trnnn: , who..? Someone. I received (Gawab el tnsi2) you have accepted in FCI-H…..
To be continued….

Thank you for reading
Ramy Mahrous


Hanaa Tag el Dain

soooooooooo great i wait the next blog keep going :D:D:D. do not be late
Hanaaaa tag

MarieM SamiR

it's very funny and good idea to write ur story 3gbtny awy trrn trrn:D:D bs ana 3yza a3rf b2eet el7kia

Mona E. Fahmy

Hiii my best enemy congratulation for this nice Blog i know it is late but really it is nice story i hope it have a good end :D nehaya sa3eedaaa isA waiting for the next second part do not be late

MarieM SamiR

hey a ya Ramy feeen b2et el7kia hea was3et menk we mesh 3aref t3mlha nehia wala a law mesh la2y nehia 2ol we mafesh moshkela e7na han7wel nt5eal elb2y law makonash 3refeno:D:D

Nada Nagib

Hiiii Ramy .How are u?Congratulation For ur Blog.Really,it is Very Nice and Contain very Excellent Topics .I hope to Complete in Other Topics and Good Luck isA.

Nada Nagib

Hii Ramy.how are u?
Congratulation Ya Ramy about Ur Blog .Really,It is Very Nice and Helpful Topics.I hope u Add More and More Topics Especially In Database ya "RamySql" :D To learn From u .Good Luck isA .
NaDa Nagib