Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tuesday 2/10 to Tuesday 9/10

I am sorry I know there are a lot of people from different countries were waiting for this post :D which supposed to be in light week ago.

Any way I don't know what happened yesterday but we went to Khaled Adel, drunk a lot of juices (this statement I wrote 5 days ago) today I won't change it as I did that almost every day plus we eat from Shbrawy or Ne3ma.

let me tell you what happened this week, I went to Microsoft event was titled Expression around the clock which was holding in 11 countries at the same time I don't know them don't ask me :) it wasn't nice event for me as I am not designer and I am not keen on design as well I was in need of sleep after it we MSPs (Microsoft Student Partners) stayed with each other and discussed the new plan for this year and we took the Welcome Kit (T-Shirts + IDs + Business cards) did I forget something?! I don't think

hmmm what else what else....

Actually I don't know or don't remember what to write (that's one from some reasons which made me intend to write every day a post to not forget those good memories in my life :D) really I don't remember but if we (reader + I) met this week tell me in what we spent our time?

So, I don't find anything to write I'll sleep for 9 or 10 hours en shaa ALLAH, it's 6:54 am now I need to sleeeeeeeeeep let me really....
bye bye see you soon en shaa ALLAH :D