Thursday, May 25, 2006

My Wife

Now I realized that there will just be one year and I'll leave our faculty After ALLAH willing (YA RUB I want to be in fourth degree next year).
So I decided to write my wife aspects hoping found comments to this article saying I have these aspects so let's begin and bypass this preface.

1- I wish her to not be related to Computer Science at all.
2- I love girls that they don’t put makeup especially "mascara" and they don't put k7ool in their eyes.
3- Hope to marry someone has blue or green eyes
4- She must be serious very very serious with people and to be funny, cute and joy with me.
5- I want her to be tall enough almost like me.
6- She must to be very soft and to be not angry and "Nkadya".
7- Yes, I forgot, I want her to be blond.
8- What a nice, if she is not jealous.
9- She should bear my staying in front of computer for more than 18 Hours/Day
10- I've escaped something like to be religious, respectable because they are my first priorities.
11- Here voice should be mild neither high nor low.
12- She should not have boys' friends. JUST collage mates accepted.
13- She should be very very very unassuming.
14- She should love me.
15- Really, she should love Microsoft and hates SUN and any OPEN SOURCE vendors. (General Information –Refer to Rule Number One- ).
16- She should be excellent cooker.
17- She should not be "Amassa (btz3l kteer)".
18- She should be obedient; I have not soul to repeat my words.
19- She should not be wasted.
20- She should have a sort of beauty.

I think I've forgot a lot of rules for applicants :D:D
So, if I remembered I'd write them isA
Catch you later :)

Thank you for reading,
Ramy Mahrous