Saturday, October 28, 2006


This post is in reply on someone sent mail on Second grade (FCI-H) group and other groups, he announced a course actually Web Development course its cost is 2300 L.E.
So, WHY course in Web Development and Why 2300 L.E.? Does it deserve?
Let’s talk logically, how it would cost you, if you search in “eMule” on “AppDev ASP.NET” spend 3 days (Maximum) downloading it if you have ADSL if you have not tell your friend (htksb swab 7’litoh ugeeb 7aga tfido) give him a 2 CDs (2 L.E.) after that spend a weeks (Maximum) study (AppDev ASP.NET is video learning you won’t read, too) spend another week (Maximum) to make sure you studied well, spend a month (Maximum) reading in MSDN; ASP.NET walkthroughs, advanced features and how to get most performance in your website and etc… (I swear (bee ALLAH) you will be professional in web development) would this story cost you 2300 L.E.???!

If you are interested in MOCs you can search in eMule, too
I am talking as you do those 3 hours per day; sure we all have 3 hours to study!

Sorry, that’s not for COMPUTER SCIENCE or INFORMATION SYSTEM students, those are higher than taking courses in such matters.. those GIVE not TAKE courses.

And about certification, who minds to take it as self-paced training (self-study) and take exam to take the certification?? I think that’s better or someone stuffs your mind with information (take it as it) to be tested??!

So, I see there are 2 reasons to take courses, the first take courses in any language because you need someone to converse with, to higher your skills in it and the second if you are working and you assigned a task in something you do not know and you’ve not time to study it, you want someone to figure your task out, If you have not a friend can help you, you compelled to take a course ( I am not satisfied this reason but it may be)

Modified in 31/10
There is another reason to take courses, if the course will enhance you significantly, like Management courses, etc.
Because these courses if educated by experts, they would give you great experience that is very difficult to be gained from reading about them concepts.

Please, do not respond to any course announcement, it’s fake thing no more no less

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