Friday, June 29, 2007

The 28th questions tag

1- How many advantages ( good qualities) u have ? ( just count )
A lot really I cannot count them.

2- How many disadvantages u have ? 3eobak ( just count )
I don’t have. So the answer is ZERO.

3- If u have to rename yourself , wt your name will be ?

4- What do u want to reborn as? (Something 3'er el human y3ne)

5-when u was a child, kont bt7lm tkon 2eh? (if haven't any dream , skip this)
Very rich man married 4 women.

6- How many years u want to live?
7- How many people u really hurt ( 2zethom f3ln ) in ur life ?

8- How many people hurt u & their behavior change u to be worst?
0, no one can do that.

9- as u have n number of disadvantages, would u like to change it all or part of it? In another word, does u really regrets these things?
Sorry, I don’t have disadvantages, so I’ll escape this question.

10- Your best color(s) at max 3 colors?
Blue, Green, and red.

11-Do u ever do something knowing it's a wrong? or do u repeats the same mistakes ?
Yes, a lot.

12-If u promise to not do smth , will you do it for any reasons ?
Sure, No.

13- Would u die for someone? (To really replace someone in death? if yes how many?
Yes, 1.

14- Would u die after someone? (Not physically death but its end of your life).
Yes, 1.

15- If u have to take decision in something, & u have these considerations
Your heart - your brain - people - circumstances
Sort them according to their Priorities for u ..
My brain, circumstances, my heart, and then people.

16- The most natural scenes Affects you ?
Nothing, actually.

17- The last thing u wish to see before u dead, or the last one?
My daughter; Mariem.

18- What is in the top of your dream list? (Mention at least one).
Get married, be employee at Microsoft.

19- Mention two things from your believes (7agat mn el donia like mbad2 mslan)?
- Egypt is the best country all over the world.
- Microsoft is the best technology vendor.

20 - When u face a problem which makes u feel lost, who is the first one u wish to see?
No one, I like to think alone.

21- What do u think in when u see these words: (if it has special meaning for u)
Winter: cold
Autumn: nothing, really I don’t think in that at all.
Summer: I love this season because I love soooo much the hot air.
Spring: sandstorms, I don’t like it
Night: the worst time I live, I like summer because its night is so small comparing with winter’s night period.
Light: I swear, I don’t describe to anyone how much I love light. I love summer because its daylight is much bigger winter’s one.
Closed window: just a closed window, no more no less.
A baby cried: no one understand him/her, s/he needs something.
Child who ask people for money in metro msln: el 7amdo lliah 3la 2ly ana fih.
Something broken: nothing. It live period ended.
Empty Street: remember ALLAH.

22-Life is a ... (life like wt in your eyes just one reason for your answer is enough)
Life is life, work, fatigue and death.

23- If u have the following 3 doors each one give u a chance for something, which door u will choose:
1- Door A: door let u see ur future and take u there directly
2- Door B: door will take u to the past (but u will not change your fate , just bt3esh el mady tany )
3- Door C: door will make u change only one thing in ur life (y7'lek t3'er 7aga w7da f mshklk w tfdl f ur current life)
I’ll let them closed, I don’t want to know my future I’ve confidence in my abilities, I don’t change any small details in my past, and I am sure I am the one who has a less number of problems all over the world.

24- If u put in a situation which u have to choose one person from the following (Your father or mother, your baby, your sister, person u don't know, yourself, your love)
a- You have to choose one of them to die? My mother
b- You have to choose one of them to save? My mother
I should do that, she is my mother!!

25- Are you from the kind of people who get optimistic or pessimistic from seeing something or someone? If yes what is it?
Sure no, nothing affects me at all.

26-Do you think that people misunderstand u a lot? If yes, give %
Yes, 5%.

27- If I told you to sort the people you really know & admire in your life, then give yourself a place between them, what will be your order ?( 1'st , 2nd .... n )

28- Finally, by which % u was sincerity in your answers?
I think 98%.