Monday, May 22, 2006

All thanks to miss Aya Sdeky

In the name of ALLAH

Directly, without prefaces I can not really express my thanks to this instructor MISS AYA SDIKY for what she did with us yesterday…..
Really she was very very very helpful, she stayed with us more than 4 hours solving to us some DSP problems and explaining some parts although she had work she should to do but she left everything to stay with us..
Yes, you are very cute and helpful.
Really THANK THANK THANK YOU, Miss Aya Sdiky :)
Jzaky ALLAH 7'ern



u r right ramy she is very helpful begd lola hea b3d rbena tb3n e7na kona d3na fee elmada de bs el7mdo lelah really,thank u miss.Aya

Ahmed Essawy

Really, THANK YOU Very Much : Miss Aya Sdiky
Jzaky ALLAH Koool 7'ern