Monday, October 29, 2007

ay klam * ay klam

Hello everyone who is interested in Ramy's blog i am Hanaa Tag
i was told to write a new post every 3 days so i was thinking in improvising ,i do not know what to write but you know ramy in Al Monfia :D i heard that the Army site there is FULL BOARD :D
i heard its comfortable so nobody just pity them :D
but last year there was someone i know in Army lost 12 K Reallly he was origenally thin :Dso to whom know Ramy Mahrous i guess you can imagine the disaster :D
if Ramy lost 12 K he will match a cue :D.
so i hope i can find something i can write about after 3 days thats all for today thank you for reading :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

See you later, en shaa ALLAH!

I just want to say bye bye... see you later. After few hours I'll start a new life (Military Service) I'll be there, hope I can return :D remember me :D

All after en shaa ALLAH en shaa ALLAH

Anyway, I can't check my e-mail from 25/10/2007 to 10/12/2007. If you've any general query you can contact my brother Mr. Mohamed Abd-ALLAH Mahrous on his cell phone +2010-4466366 or if you've any technical issue please forward it to Miss. Hanaa Gamal on

Bye byeeee.....

Monday, October 22, 2007

MEA MVPs open days 1

Really so nice to stay with experts to eat with experts to laugh with experts to go with experts to attend session by experts with experts to know experts at first, thanks Mohamed Wahby (Academic Developer Evangelist Microsoft Egypt) for your kind invitation to attend such an event.

2 days ago were from the best days in my life, I knew new people, I took new experience, I filled by enthusiasm to be better whatever I am.

Let's story from the beginning, I attended MEA MVPs open days, which an event held every year to MEA (Middle East and Africa) Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional)s

I attended technical sessions about BizTalk, Community Think, and SQL Server 2008 (new features which is going to be released in CTP 4) I'll talk about each session in our technical blog FCI-H we went to pyramids and Khan El-Khalily and spent a very nice time.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hamda Ezzo last episode...

I know I write a lot, what I should I do, I miss you....
2 days ago I watched the last episode from Hamda Ezzo series, I didn't saw acting like that, they did their best to out such an episode really if you watch it you'll cry, when I did, I believed what people say "Last episode from Hamada Ezzo, saddened all Arabs" I got its link from youtube (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4)

To download them go to and put the link then press Get It
I saw Saa'd El Daly but I see the last episode of Hamda Ezzo equalizes the whole Saa'd El Daly episodes, you don't imagine just watch and tell me your opinion...

I should go and take shower after some hours I'll be with MEA MVPs en shaa ALLAH I'll really soo haaapy, I hope a day to be MVP :) pray for me....

Friday, October 19, 2007

I am Murderer - Microsoft Strategy

I killed my mouse to not torture me more than that :'( really it did, but as I am soo lazy and didn't go to buy a new one, I deserve more than that.

Microsoft mouse is the best, I love it, but last time when it stopped working I got stupid one -the victim-

hummm, Let me tell you one reason of many which makes me adore Microsoft, they feedback then create, 2 days ago Jennifer Perret (Worldwide Microsoft Student Partners Lead) asked us for providing her with all features we need in Online Email Products like Windows Live Hotmail you can tell me if you want some features to be existing in the next versions I am supposed to be the link between you and Microsoft, and I’ll trust me :)

They are not keen on innovating X features users don't use, they want to brainstorm every customer as they can to actually get what they need to give them a product make a difference in their life, what I saw from Microsoft strategy supports my words, Microsoft respects all its customers, if you need specific feature(s) in specific product go to its forum talk with its makers, you got a bug; report it (don't just complain) if you tell them about something they will take it seriously, what carry them to underestimate your feedback??! As they know if you don’t like it you won’t pay for it.

Scrutinize I said “won’t pay for it” not “buy it” yes Microsoft first let you try the product and then pay. Don’t tell me they don’t do that Windows 2000 days, we talk now in 20/10/07.

Let me show you what Jennifer Perret sent:

Hi everyone,I received a request direct from the online email product team today to get your input on your dream feature list for the next wave of online email products. This is your chance to talk direct to the Microsoft product teams to help us build your dream set of email tools.

So what do we need -

Please reply to this forum post with your top 5 priorities of functionality in the next online email client. Please post them in order of the priority of the functionality for you...

For example:

- Increase the storage size to 10 GB.
- Enable shared calendars.
- tight integration with Live Messenger and VOIP.

The online email team is prioritizing the university student customer and you are our direct link so please help us to build your dream product!

Thank you for all of your help!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

How Many Germs Live On My Keyboard?

There are about 2,067,240 germs on my keyboard right now!
That's equivalent to the number of germs on 413 toilet seats.

Wanaa to know how many yours? :D check this

Thanks, Shereef :D

Monday, October 15, 2007

Are you technology vendor?!

Few days and I'll go to my military training center where I don't know, I don't think in anything neither how I'd be treated nor how I'd treat others... anyway I didn't come here to write about military service
Today I met some of my high school friends and the closest friends to my heart Amr Gamil and Moe'mn Hatem, we talked in different issues one of them, was very weird to me; let me tell you what Moe'mn (student at Aviation Engineering) said:
We faced a problem to fix an engine damaged because an Eagle crashed with plane fan which is totally damaged, he went on saying, we insisted as students to fix it that's big challenge they went to someone Egyptian Aviation engineers consider him as the most professional one in this field, he replied: opps do you think (we) are Aviation engineers??!!! WE ARE USERS!! he left them and asked to send this engine to abroad.

What Amr (student in Veterinarian) said was near to this, in a day, a medical machine stopped they asked their boss to fix, it, he said WE ARE USERS, we don't know how it works, what we know how to input and from where it outputs.

This story in all fields in our life but let's find ourselves, make an identity to our grandsons, if you think I am talking about Microsoft technology or Java; sure you got me wrong. I can't fight a technology I like; like Microsoft one, but now now now who is better YOU or GOOGLE ?? sure Google so why Google didn't think to develop RDBMS, IDE for C++\JAVA etc let us say why Google did\do not compete Microsoft (in main products)?? why Google go to another field and became the hero; because they are professionals they don't invent the wheel.
If you want to be Technology hero, think in what others don't.
Really anyone want to begin to compete Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Sun, etc.. in any product or technology done 5+ years ago, S/HE IS A BIG ADIOT ADIOT ADIOT, if you don't like a specific product you've SDK, extend it; you've the source, modify it.
Don't tell and carry slogans which urge creating competitor products to VSTS, SQL Server, Oracle DMS, Office (MS Office or OpenOffice), etc... because that's not technology.... go to specific field others don't look at or have sucks in, challenge yourself, tell it loudly I am here.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

MSP MSP MSP, where's Microsoft to save me??!!!

After very long night where I met my old friends from high school "Khedawya military school" I went back my home, I logged into my MSN after a while I went to the Masjed to pray the Fajr prayer after that to pray Eid prayer, went back again to home took my breakfast then I slept and if you know me you'd know what the next paragraph would say, if you don't go on to know..

I dreamed today as usual by many stories, that I can't really tie them together if you can please tell me...
1- I entered from my university (Helwan) gate I gave the security man the ID, he refused it and told me we don't recognize it as an identity, and he asked: please give me your ID, I wondered how dare you to ask me, don't you know me ????? I am Ramy Mahrous from FCI-H and I am MSP, and after that I gave him my ID :$

2- In the middle of the university (Helwan) I found some students running in random way and were doing weird actions I stopped then I found them run to me then carried me then through me and they repeated that a lot and a lot and I was falling on my back -where's Microsoft to save me??!!!- and I was shouting and asking for help, people.... take me from those idiot people :( I was paining and when I was fallen I found some of those people (I really want to see one of them on my real life I'll kick him:@) surrounding me and sing something I don't know, the song wasn't (2smala 3liha 2smala 3liha) after that in the dream I became a teacher to those people, I stayed in front of them teaching some Microsoft technology concepts and tell them about MSP program :s Mohamed Gamal was with me but he announced I am the one from MSP who is going to talk.....

3- I dream usually there is a concert in my faculty with some friends who are attending it no more details I see :( this dream worry me :'(

4- I don't remember but really I waked up today with a lot of dreams but I forgot a lot.

I had my lunch with my family was (Bloaters and Green onions) then I went to my Grandmother to stay with here...

went back, blogging and will say good bye :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Feast!!

I’d like to congratulate you and say Happy Feast, may ALLAH bless you and your life and guide us to the right way.
Happy Feast!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New blog template and Nobel meeting

Hey all, today I did something new I changed my blog template as you see, tell me what's your opinion?

I got this template from I'd like to thank all team members who designed these fantastic templates.
I started my day at 5:45 pm after breakfast; my body was broken (there may be a nicer expression than that :D).

Yes I remember I promised you to tell you what happened with Nobel Community as the meeting was between Helwan MSPs and Nobel community, I knew Abd El-Rahman and Essam (from community founders), they are ambitious, their community work around higher scientific research in Egypt and generating new researchers, by the way they are from faculty of Commerce they aren't from Computers and Information, Engineering, or Medicine but they want to really make a difference (May ALLAH bless them and all they like) they asked Helwan MSPs to give IT sessions under How Microsoft would help in IT researches and they also asked Microsoft for sponsorship.
If they read my blog I want to say I've sent Mohamed Wahby (Academic developer evangelist Microsoft Egypt) a brief of what happened and he'll call me for more details once he decided I'll tell you.

That's all.
I am in hurry I don't want to write more than that, excuse me, bye bye

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Zizo el 3skry

I won't begin with I don't know what to write :D yesterday was a day no more no less I've started my day at 4.5 pm aka 4:30 pm as we (Ahmed Gamal, Ahmed Essawy, Khaled Adel and I) were out till 6:00 am I told you that in the last post I think I did. Anyway I'll announce that Ahmed Essawy took exemption from military service yesterday, Congrats Eng. Essawy ;-) you can apply for work right now and earn a lot and a lot while we take pocket money from our parents :D :D :D
I went to my friend Abd El-Rahman whose father has cancer please pray for him, we pray for ALLAH to save us all..
mmm, it's now 5:03 am I don't want to sleep, yes that's funny thing I developed 2 hours ago an application that takes number and give you the equivalence in text format i.e. 205 would give (2 Hundred(s) and Five) so easy but I am happy :D by the way I called this application "Zizo el 3skry" in English the name means "The soldier Zizo"

Remind me please next post to tell you about the meeting held in Cilantro with Nobel community, see you soon en shaa ALLAH
Good night

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tuesday 2/10 to Tuesday 9/10

I am sorry I know there are a lot of people from different countries were waiting for this post :D which supposed to be in light week ago.

Any way I don't know what happened yesterday but we went to Khaled Adel, drunk a lot of juices (this statement I wrote 5 days ago) today I won't change it as I did that almost every day plus we eat from Shbrawy or Ne3ma.

let me tell you what happened this week, I went to Microsoft event was titled Expression around the clock which was holding in 11 countries at the same time I don't know them don't ask me :) it wasn't nice event for me as I am not designer and I am not keen on design as well I was in need of sleep after it we MSPs (Microsoft Student Partners) stayed with each other and discussed the new plan for this year and we took the Welcome Kit (T-Shirts + IDs + Business cards) did I forget something?! I don't think

hmmm what else what else....

Actually I don't know or don't remember what to write (that's one from some reasons which made me intend to write every day a post to not forget those good memories in my life :D) really I don't remember but if we (reader + I) met this week tell me in what we spent our time?

So, I don't find anything to write I'll sleep for 9 or 10 hours en shaa ALLAH, it's 6:54 am now I need to sleeeeeeeeeep let me really....
bye bye see you soon en shaa ALLAH :D

Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday 1/10

Yes I discovered that the post before the previous was in wrong date, today I got up late with all the laziness you can imagine exactly I did on 3 PM, my mother at 10:30 noticed me move from hall to bed to sleep (I usually sleep on the sofa in the hall) she asked me to get Milk and Watercress; as she will go with my father to hospital for some checks; I said I'll sleep for a while then I'll go to bring these staff, at the end my mother got them!!

I ate Fish on my breakfast, it was so delicious, I was intending to say something in this post but I forgot now :s

Yes, I am going to my faculty tomorrow to participate in managing Imagine Cup booth, it's really good chance to see my beloved people (I miss you all).
That's this!! Poor day.

Islam above any entertainment

I deactivated my account on the Facebook as an objection on the groups insult ISLAM