Saturday, September 29, 2007

I need to sleep (I don't find a good title, do you?)

I don't really how to start, I am facing a lot of problems right now, the biggest is I feel I have a lot of work to do but actually I've more time that waste in nothing!!
So, I decided to enforce myself to write everyday (en shaa ALLAH) a post, it may have what I did, what I've learnt and so on. let's start by this moment.
Today or you can say the last 8 hours I was working, really from last session in selfstudy I don't see VS and I don't write any piece of code else to answer a question just to make sure I open my VS write the answer F5 cool, here you are.
What I am waiting for is military serivce, I know the proverb which says "A scourge nor awaited" what I am in now is when I think in something I received a nice alert which says Military service. then I stop thinking then going to any fool thing to do.
MSP is a really great work we are right now working to preparing to establishing Imagine Cup 2008 booth, what I feel; I am not graduated; I am inside FCI-H, it's part of me I can bear anything else to stay without going at least time each 2 weeks.
I've workshop today at 10:00 am at LINKdotNET, and now it's 6:40 I'll sleep and let you read those lines may you advise me to make something good, I hope that!!
I should wake up at 8:00 am don't see you wasting my time?!!!
bye bye