Saturday, April 29, 2006

Team Leader

Recently, I received an e-Mail from Ahmed Magdy asking; what the properties should be in team leader…

So, in my opinion I'll tell you…
Team leading as I say not honor much more than responsibility, here I'll talk about team leader in under graduate projects.

1- Team leader totally should be aware of the project s/he leads at least knows the idea, how to design or implement it, and so on.
Reason: to efficiently assign tasks with right deadlines.

2- Team leader should have the art of understanding who is in front of him/her, how to utilize all resources of who is in front of him/her. (ust3'laa sa7)
Reason: to efficiently assign tasks to right people.

3- Team leader should have the ability to fix any problem occur among team members
Reason: sure, you know wars happen in meetings

4- Team leader should have the ability to overstep any of project problems.
Reason: usually, while developing any application you face problems day to day and team leader according to his/her knowledge about that application or project should has the ability to overcome them.

5- Team leader should not be nervous, nerd and should be polite, kind, nice, friendly and COLD
Reason: No, I won't take this task it's not easy :~ , No, no, no, I have no time for holding meeting I have a lot to study :~ :~ you feel that team leader is unsuccessful person, you should has these properties while working with almost girls believe me at the end of the project you would have pressure, diabetes (el-sokr) and finally you have hemiplegia (شلل نصفي ) (dah lo rbna krmk wy mglkshy complete paralysis).

Thank you for reading,
Ramy Mahrous