Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday 1/10

Yes I discovered that the post before the previous was in wrong date, today I got up late with all the laziness you can imagine exactly I did on 3 PM, my mother at 10:30 noticed me move from hall to bed to sleep (I usually sleep on the sofa in the hall) she asked me to get Milk and Watercress; as she will go with my father to hospital for some checks; I said I'll sleep for a while then I'll go to bring these staff, at the end my mother got them!!

I ate Fish on my breakfast, it was so delicious, I was intending to say something in this post but I forgot now :s

Yes, I am going to my faculty tomorrow to participate in managing Imagine Cup booth, it's really good chance to see my beloved people (I miss you all).
That's this!! Poor day.

Islam above any entertainment

I deactivated my account on the Facebook as an objection on the groups insult ISLAM