Sunday, March 19, 2006

A Message to the World!

In the name of ALLAH

Dear reader;

This article not related totally to computer science but it relates to OUR PROPHET MOHAMED (PBUH). Why I am talking in this issue in my blog…?
My principle is: when your religion faces a criticism you must reply in a respectable way and reply according to your field as example we are computer scientists or software developers, so we must defend our PROPHET MOHAMED (PBUH), by sending e-Mails illustrate what ISLAM means and who PROPHET MOHAMED (PBUH) is?

By chance, while browsing some blogs I found good article from Mohamed Meshref about our LOVER PROPHET MOHAMED (PBUH).
I recommend you to read it and to understand how you can defend our LOVER PROPHET MOHAMED (PBUH) as you are Muslim.
Link is:

Finally, Million thanks to all who spend a lot of time writing about our LOVER PROPHET MOHAMED (PBUH), about ISLAM and all who continuing in their boycott to DANISH PRODUCTS.(JZAHM ALLAH 7'ERN)

Thank you for reading,
Ramy Mahrous