Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Solve it

Today I thought in something and I did not find a nice solution for it, and this is what about if you sent an e-Mail to your Lover saying "I love you X" and her name is Y : So, how can you fix it? What is the next e-Mail should Say, please tell me a proper solution... You can Say I mean someone else (nhark teeeeen) or You can say I forgot your name (nhark teeeeen brdo)..... Solve it!


Hanaa Tag el Dain

mmmmm let me think
u do a disaster how could u do that ,how could anyone ever forget his lover's name ?
let me say ,you are bad :D
el 7l enk momken t2olha enk kont bdl3ha :D
aw momken t2olha en esmha mosh mo3ber awy wy en el esm da mo3ber 3nha aktar :D
aw momen t2olha en da spy wy enk asln mt3rfsh 7aga 3n el mail da :D:D
aw 3aref blash tkdb just 2olha enk asf ,she will forgive u
bs tl3ha mn 2lbk mosh ana 2sf elly bt2olha l7d enta mosh ty2o :D:D
el bnat bt7b el klam el fady awy :D:D:D momken td7k 3liha bklmteen
bs tb2a gamda awy low el youm elly b3do b3ttlk mail t2olk hi ya mohamed masln :D:D
wy 2ltlk enha hia hya kman btdl3k :D:D 7tskot ya bmzagk ya ................ :D:D
good luck
Hanaa Tag

Ramy Mahrous

@Hanaa bravo I thought in SPY :D
Just tell her I did not send you anything, My mail has been attacked


i think u just say, sorry i was talking to my little sister while i was writing this emial, and her name came by mistake

this will do :=)
ahmed hemdan

Ramy Mahrous

Nice answer what about if you know a girl her name is Y and your lover X hates her so much and she thinks you admire each others. what about if your sister's name is not Y :D :D, think again :D

Mohamed Moshrif

It's so simple (but requires you to have good planning skills), there are a lot of solutions, but the one I love the most:

Her: Hey ..., Who's X that you called me by her name in your email?

You: Great, thanks God, now I knew that you love me.

Her: What do you mean?!

You: I just felt in the last days that you're beginning to lose your love for me, and I thought that you don't even read my emails well, just make replies and I needed to do something to prove for me that you're still really reading my emails in the same way you were reading my early emails, and now I am sure that you read every word, also it was a good test to see whether you feel jealous about me or not ;)

I love you

Her: mmm, ok

One thing I learnt from this world, is that you could use anything even if it's a mistake for you own well.

Ramy Mahrous

Nice solution,but what about if this is the first eMail to her and she knows that you are famous has sense of humor, girls like you and so on.... :D :D and she doubts that you talk to them a lot:D :D

Mohamed Moshrif

As I told you, it's all about your skills and your knowledge for her, as example you can use this:

Sorry, I didn't mean that, but you don't know, this was someone whom I loved so much, but she died in a very accident 3 months ago without giving me a chance to say goodbye, and this accident was my fault because she was angry from me and she was running while she was crying and that dirty driver hit her and run and left her bleeding to death.

And then try to behave as you are crying.

Note: Believe me, it will always get you very good result, because now you will be so caring, so romantic, have very good feeling and loyal

Ramy Mahrous

What about knowing her from 5 years and she knows "She is the first"

Mohamed Moshrif

At this case the first solution will work ;)

Sarah Abdul
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Sarah Abdul

looooooooooooooooool ya ritk te3rf how much iam happy now 3alshan te3rf 2rk 3alla el nas wa23k fe shar a3malk :D
anyway u can say sorry i was just kiding and i didn't know that this will hurt u so iam sorry i don't deserve someone like u (we besra7a ah..3alshan ma7dsh ya3'lat el 3'lta el menila dih ) we ba3din be sure enha matshofsh el post dah 3alshan el 3ekab hib2a el de3f we shaklak hibu2a we7sh moooooooot :P
@ mohamed meshref eh el kesas di kolha :P hwa 7ad 2alk el banat habla 2wy keda :D

Sarah Abdul
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Hanaa Tag el Dain

7low gdn gdn gdn el film bt3 el 7adsa bt3 meshref dah bgd gamed bs mf2os awy awy :D:D:D
bs bgd 3gbny :D

Mohamed Moshrif

Ana ba2ol examples, laken in real life and afza3 men keda bekter, don't worry ;)

Sarah Abdul

@ meshref
:D :D :D ya faziiiiii3 :D