Sunday, March 19, 2006

A Message to the World!

In the name of ALLAH

Dear reader;

This article not related totally to computer science but it relates to OUR PROPHET MOHAMED (PBUH). Why I am talking in this issue in my blog…?
My principle is: when your religion faces a criticism you must reply in a respectable way and reply according to your field as example we are computer scientists or software developers, so we must defend our PROPHET MOHAMED (PBUH), by sending e-Mails illustrate what ISLAM means and who PROPHET MOHAMED (PBUH) is?

By chance, while browsing some blogs I found good article from Mohamed Meshref about our LOVER PROPHET MOHAMED (PBUH).
I recommend you to read it and to understand how you can defend our LOVER PROPHET MOHAMED (PBUH) as you are Muslim.
Link is:

Finally, Million thanks to all who spend a lot of time writing about our LOVER PROPHET MOHAMED (PBUH), about ISLAM and all who continuing in their boycott to DANISH PRODUCTS.(JZAHM ALLAH 7'ERN)

Thank you for reading,
Ramy Mahrous



ezayeak ya ramy el topic da 7elw awy awy we ya ret elnas t3ml bel elkalam elly feeh mesh t2rah we t5do zai ay kalam we 5las