Friday, April 14, 2006


My CV last update was in 14/4/2006
To view my CV:


Hanaa Tag el Dain

i guess its more better if u write ur CV in the blog topic not just URL thats my opinion
Hanaa Tag


u'd better do both a url so ppl can download it and as a topic if want so for ppl know u it on z fly;u know, insteed of downloading it...

remember Mr Ayma's advice u should have it as ".doc" or ".pdf" (beetr b pdf) any interested employer would b able to check it...

any way good luck...
c u around soon,

Ramy Mahrous

thnx hanaa

Ramy Mahrous

thnx shady, but download link for all who really need to view my cv and not all ppl interested to view my cv

Mohammad Nabil

plz make it pdf instead of doc cuz word bey7'araf 3andy :S

Ramy Mahrous

Ok, nabil I'll isA but give me a program to convert from .DOC to .PDF :-D

Mohammad Nabil

don't u have adobe acrobat professional ? it can do that


hi ramy i am a student in my first year & i want to a CV to train in my university in summer but i dont now what i have 2 write in,plz help me if u can :(

Ramy Mahrous

Can you please send me a blank mail to give you a nice template ?!

My mail is