Monday, May 29, 2006


Really I do not know how to begin this article but let's talk directly without wearing any type of masks on our words.

I heard about Ahmed el Fishawy and Hend el Henawy case, damn them!
I do not know how to this extent we became not fair from ALLAH, a girl –sorry- impolite girl shows in TV and she says I am adulterer I have been in relationship with some one -has not any kind of ethics or principles- and we had a baby please people -get my right- WHAT RIGHT she talks about! Really I do not know how this girl lives in EGYPT, I Swear if I am judger I'll judge on her to be in prison the rest of her life. How girl after what happened to this dirty girl can live with Muslims. I know girls live with their shame more than with their soul, what after taking off this shame please answer me I feel I am living in Europe. Her father a doctor also her mother is.
But really the did not know how to bring this girl up well.
OUR PROPHET (PBUH) said "ezaa bolitm fa estatro" I can not translate it to English but the meaning of this (prophetic tradition) "When you do something wrong do not appear your mistake".
As you know she applied that (prophetic tradition). She exposed this SIN without paying attention to anything really as my mother says "Girls become not girls!"
May your mind asks, why ramy just talks about her.
Because 10 years earlier, we used to hear every minute "Women Rights"
And when you talk to girl about her relationship with man (this relationship out of work and collage boundaries) she says "No man can take anything from girl else if she needs to give him it"
Applying that rule to this online sin, so Hend wanted that, so she is the one who bears that crime.
Walahy, their girl will damn them every night every day.
Wait a lot of SINS ONLINE after that. anything begins once, then …….. As you know :(
Really I am sorry if I said something wrong, excuse me I am so angry of what happen these days

Wait the rest…..

Thank you for reading,
Ramy Mahrous

Thursday, May 25, 2006

My Wife

Now I realized that there will just be one year and I'll leave our faculty After ALLAH willing (YA RUB I want to be in fourth degree next year).
So I decided to write my wife aspects hoping found comments to this article saying I have these aspects so let's begin and bypass this preface.

1- I wish her to not be related to Computer Science at all.
2- I love girls that they don’t put makeup especially "mascara" and they don't put k7ool in their eyes.
3- Hope to marry someone has blue or green eyes
4- She must be serious very very serious with people and to be funny, cute and joy with me.
5- I want her to be tall enough almost like me.
6- She must to be very soft and to be not angry and "Nkadya".
7- Yes, I forgot, I want her to be blond.
8- What a nice, if she is not jealous.
9- She should bear my staying in front of computer for more than 18 Hours/Day
10- I've escaped something like to be religious, respectable because they are my first priorities.
11- Here voice should be mild neither high nor low.
12- She should not have boys' friends. JUST collage mates accepted.
13- She should be very very very unassuming.
14- She should love me.
15- Really, she should love Microsoft and hates SUN and any OPEN SOURCE vendors. (General Information –Refer to Rule Number One- ).
16- She should be excellent cooker.
17- She should not be "Amassa (btz3l kteer)".
18- She should be obedient; I have not soul to repeat my words.
19- She should not be wasted.
20- She should have a sort of beauty.

I think I've forgot a lot of rules for applicants :D:D
So, if I remembered I'd write them isA
Catch you later :)

Thank you for reading,
Ramy Mahrous

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Monday, May 22, 2006

Ramy Mahrous 2

All thanks to miss Aya Sdeky

In the name of ALLAH

Directly, without prefaces I can not really express my thanks to this instructor MISS AYA SDIKY for what she did with us yesterday…..
Really she was very very very helpful, she stayed with us more than 4 hours solving to us some DSP problems and explaining some parts although she had work she should to do but she left everything to stay with us..
Yes, you are very cute and helpful.
Really THANK THANK THANK YOU, Miss Aya Sdiky :)
Jzaky ALLAH 7'ern

Friday, May 05, 2006

Personal vs. Technical

In the name of ALLAH

Dear all;

I'll separate my blog to two blogs one for Technical articles and one for Personal articles
Thank you,
Ramy Mahrous

The most beautiful days 1 (Egypt vs. Senegal) in MDC 06

The most beautiful days 1 (Egypt vs. Senegal) in MDC 06

I decide to write the most beautiful days I lived with my friends, and I'll write them separately.

Every day I feel I want to write you will find it in this blog
Today, after finishing my daily walk through (MSDN.NET 2003), I told I should take a rest, so I opened some files, was from them (THE CUP OF AFRICA NATIONS)
I remembered when we were in MDC 06 (Microsoft Middle East Conference 2006) specially the third days, Microsoft invited us to attend (Egypt vs. Senegal) match….
It was very fantastic day whatever I write I can not describe this day…. really you should have imagination to imagine more than 100 developers encourage their country and it's our beloved country EGYPT.
All of who dressed suits they took off their jackets and tucked their chemises up…say at the same time MASR…MASR…MASR :D:D:D really very very very fantastic day

But the funniest thing before scoring second goal F.M.D was about to cry and she stayed saying please please please anyone, tell that EGYPT will score second goal and it will be the winner…and suddenly……..
Amr Zaki scored the second goal in Senegal we touched the ceiling and hug each others :) Boys with boys and I think no girls hug each others :D :D

Really Congratulation EGYPT on the CUP you deserved it

Wait for more ;)
Thank you for your reading,
Ramy Mahrous

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Very very weird

sorry but I'll write in franko-arabic to describe what happened to me exactly...el nahrda rg3t mn el kolia t3ban gdn, ommy altly a7drllk el akl oltlha shokrn ya ommy ana hnam wy hs7a akoolel mohm d7'lt nmt wy ba3d 3 sa3at s7eet, lih baa ana s7it, fg2a kda wy ana fy el srir(bed) 7sset eny 7walia files bgd ana mishbhzr, bs mish fahm el files dih at3aml m3aha ezay asl ana kont shaifha fy dma3'y 3la enhaa files without extensions, 7asset en lazma3ml refresh() 3lshan tzhr el extensions(t7'iolat...) bgd walahy btklm gad, ro7t sa7y wy gbt 7'o7'teen mn el tlaga 3la assass hoa dah el refresh();aklthom wy ana 3la el srir wy nmt tany, 7asset en fy 7aga ht7sl fy el system(do not comment what's system I mean) lo ms7tsh huboozro7t sa7y, wy ba3t ma fo2t qrrt(I decided)to write this weird thing in my blog....