Thursday, November 09, 2006

My Poor PC!

That's my Poor PC!


Kareem El-Haki

Cool ramy rabna yekon fi 3oon el machine bat3t ay developer specially like u ...............

Mohammad Nabil

That's not too much programs !
I had 3 columns bardo on 1280x1024 screen, I have more than 20 GB of storage of programs (now 23.7 GB). And that's little, this is still a new PC, you didn't see my old PC which stayed with me for 3 years!
Anyway to keep things organized i keep a folder in the start menu for development and other for multimedia and other for utils etc, so now i reduced it to one column only.

Ramy Mahrous

I have 38 GB for programs (not source files), this windows from just 5 months
They are also 3 columns on 1280 * 1024, but in this view if I added one item they would be 4 columns

Ramy Mahrous

Microsoft WindowsXP mfhosh memory lack!

Hanaa Tag el Dain

hey all sorry for Delete my first comment but it was bad anyway i hate ur PC Ramy from the bottom of my Heart i hate it ,i do not like my PC to be such messy like yours & u r proud that u have messy Windows . i bet that u have alot of things that u do not want & not usable :P:D

Ahmed Essawy

ربنا يزيدك ويديك كمان و كمان .

انا بالمنظر بتاعك ده الجهاز بتاعي فاضي بقي .

لا انا لو جهازي عمل كده افرمته .
بس بقولك نصيحه ارحموا من في الارض يرحمكم من في السماء.
جهازك كده ممكن يموت بالسكته القلبيه

طب مش علشان الجهاز بتاعك
علشان حالتك النفسيه يا عم
انت بالمنظر ده لوالويندوز وقع
حتقع وراه و تعد بتاع اسبوع تسطبك الكلام ده من تاني
و انت كمان يا نيبل نفس الكلام
ليه دون نت 2003 و 2005 وكمان كام يوم2007
غير ان عندك استديو6
ناقص تقولي عندك برولوج و ماتلاب

Sarah Abdul

we terga3 te2ol ana bat7sed :P... Yatra lihhhhhhhhhhh? c ur blog and u will know the answer :D.


I'm Mary,
from Arabia,
and I'm 16 y.o

Hi, Everybody
I've studied English sinse Winter .
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Ramy Mahrous

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