Saturday, October 13, 2007

MSP MSP MSP, where's Microsoft to save me??!!!

After very long night where I met my old friends from high school "Khedawya military school" I went back my home, I logged into my MSN after a while I went to the Masjed to pray the Fajr prayer after that to pray Eid prayer, went back again to home took my breakfast then I slept and if you know me you'd know what the next paragraph would say, if you don't go on to know..

I dreamed today as usual by many stories, that I can't really tie them together if you can please tell me...
1- I entered from my university (Helwan) gate I gave the security man the ID, he refused it and told me we don't recognize it as an identity, and he asked: please give me your ID, I wondered how dare you to ask me, don't you know me ????? I am Ramy Mahrous from FCI-H and I am MSP, and after that I gave him my ID :$

2- In the middle of the university (Helwan) I found some students running in random way and were doing weird actions I stopped then I found them run to me then carried me then through me and they repeated that a lot and a lot and I was falling on my back -where's Microsoft to save me??!!!- and I was shouting and asking for help, people.... take me from those idiot people :( I was paining and when I was fallen I found some of those people (I really want to see one of them on my real life I'll kick him:@) surrounding me and sing something I don't know, the song wasn't (2smala 3liha 2smala 3liha) after that in the dream I became a teacher to those people, I stayed in front of them teaching some Microsoft technology concepts and tell them about MSP program :s Mohamed Gamal was with me but he announced I am the one from MSP who is going to talk.....

3- I dream usually there is a concert in my faculty with some friends who are attending it no more details I see :( this dream worry me :'(

4- I don't remember but really I waked up today with a lot of dreams but I forgot a lot.

I had my lunch with my family was (Bloaters and Green onions) then I went to my Grandmother to stay with here...

went back, blogging and will say good bye :)