Saturday, September 23, 2006

Show me the meaning of being Lover to Microsoft 2

Today, I'll ask one question, IS THERE a COMPANY ALLOVER THE WORLD TEATS ITS DEVELOPERS or CUSTOMERS LIKE MICROSOFT? In any field, I do not think so.

Let me tell you the story!

2 days ago I received 2 CDs free of charge from Microsoft (VS 2005 Beta professional Edition and Windows Mobile 5.0 Developer Resource Kit) but they were damaged because of careless from Shipment Company.
So, I said if I sent email to Microsoft, what should they say??! We did not make any mistakes and the problem from Shipment Company … (e7md rbna enta mish daf3 7aga) …
No no no no, Microsoft better than that million times I’ll send it anyway
Yes, Microsoft is the best, and I’ll evidence that to you… read below

First email:
Please keep this e-mail for your records.**********************************Thank you for your order, it is being processed and should arrive within 28 days.Order For: Visual Studio 2005 Beta Experience KitOrder Number: 01205499001905Order Date: September 15, 2006************Ship to:************Ramy Mahrous ……….

Second email:
Dear team;Thank you, for your great service.Today I have received the CDs but I shocked when I saw them damaged!!!And I can not make use of them, what should I do?! Thank you,Ramy Mahrous

Third email:
Dear Ramy,Thank you for your e-mail.We are pleased to confirm that we will re-ship the damaged software to you. If you could please allow 5 to 10 working days for the delivery of this shipment. If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.Kind regardsRobertMicrosoft Direct Services TeamE-mail:
Phone: 0870 60 10 100Fax: 0800 03 24 485

Fourth email:
That’s for you, WHAT SHOULD I SAY?


Ahmed Essawy

دي حاجه كويسه . بس عاديه .

انا شايف اي شركه كبيرة حتعمل كده .
مع احترامي لميكروسفت هي لو معملتش حاجه يبقي عيب في حقها .

و للمرة المليون مش معني كده اني منحاز لشركه علي التانيه .

Ramy Mahrous

Mish Ay sherka kbera ht3ml kda, 3lshan el modo3 dah mish bfloos.

Let me tell you example 15 or more days ago I sent email to SUN asking about something in Solaris

till now I did not receive anything from them.

ana btklm 3n el customer service mish btklm 3n developers, shof homa bi7trmo el customers ad aih, mish htl2y sherka bt3ml dah zay Microsoft

Ahmed Essawy

لا انا مصر علي ان شركه كبيرة لو معملتش كده عيب في حقها . و بعيد عن كده هي الي مستفيده مكن اساسا .
انت حتشتغل علي البيتا علشان
testing and debuging .
و بعدين انا قولت للمرة المليون و واحد انا مش منحاز لشركه معينه .
المقارنه هنا مش متساويه
قارن خدمه توصيل سيديهات باللي زيها
مش باستفسار
و علي فكرة عدم الرد ده شي في سن بس
شوف كم الناس الي بيسالو
و قبل كده جوجل ردت بعد فترة كبيرة
انا كان عندي مسكله في الماسنجر مش بيرضي يدخل رغم ان كل حاجه تمام
وبعتلهم المشكله الي انت عندي في الماسنجر بتاعها من اكتر من شهر و مردوش لغايه دلوقت و اضطريت اسطب ويندوز تاني .
و علي فكره المشكله دي مش عندي لوحدي دي كان في جروبات بتتكلم عليها.

Ahmed Essawy

انا مش عارف مايكروسوفت دفعالك كام علشان تحبها كده .
انا واحد من الناس بحبهاو بحترمها بس في نفس المكانه سن و لينوكس و الحبشتكنات دي .
ميكروسوفت معملتش المستحيل علشان الحب ده .
اهم حاجه الحوار ده ميتحولش لجدال و خلاص زي الموضوع الي فات.
كل واحد بيقول رايه من غير ما يزعل حد او يدايق حد

Ramy Mahrous

shof homa bi3mlo shippment ly kam wa7d?!
ana lma kont sh3'al fy mashro3 el Compiler kont sh3'al bel VS 2005 BETA, kont b3ml report ly bugs wy kda kan el rad tany youm. wy b3d kda kmlt bel released version. mt2olish en el feedback mn el customers ly Micrsoft less than SUN ana mish btklm 3n SUN, bs dih m3rofa mafish CUSTOMER SERVICE zay MS abdn

Ramy Mahrous

ah s7i7 MS ht3mlk kol 7aga enta 3awzha (CUSTOMERs SERVICE) lo enta m3ak el 7aga genuine ya3ny mish el nas tsr2 el products bta3t MS wy lma u7sl 7aga u2olo MS dih kza wy kza,,,,

Ahmed Essawy

يا بشمهندس رامي
لو انت تقصد نسخه ويندوز اصليه فأنا عندي النسخه الاصليه .
جايه مع اللاب توب و المشكله ظاهرة علي االلااب توب .
يعني العيب مش من عندي .

التقصير من عندهم.
معلش يا رامي انا عارف انك مش تقصد تدايقني بكلمه يسرقو البرامج
بس الكلام ده بيدايقني لاني حساس شويه..

Ramy Mahrous

ya 3m ahmed ana mish asdy 3lik... ana lo asdy 3lik haktbha sri7aa wenta 3arf kda koys!

bs brdo mish MS products ya3ny Windows bs, ya3ny Office, VS, etc

Mohammad Nabil

Ramy, u are using VS.NET 2005, right ?
besara7a keda, eshtareeto ??

Ramy Mahrous

hehehehehe, I am using Trial one :P

Ramy Mahrous

tb wenta?

Mohammad Nabil

You are using a trial one since the beta ? heya el trial deh kam month bel zabt ?

Ramy Mahrous

I used the beta then I am usign the Trial, 3 months
The period between them I used a copy (I said "mish el nas tsr2 el products bta3t MS wy lma u7sl 7aga u2olo MS dih kza wy kza,,,, ") ya3ny esr2 ya 3m lo m3ksh floos zay bs mattklmsh!!
U did not answer me, tb wenta?!

Mohammad Nabil

good, ana ba7eb el sara7a, e7na el etneen the same then ;)

Ramy Mahrous

la tb3n, ana mish bshtm fiha, enta btshtm!!

Mohamed Meshref

I always have a very simple question, now I may ask it to Mohamed Nabil:

"Why people who hate MS are using its products?!!"

In you case, why you do have windows, Visual Studio, Office, MSN, Hotmail Account, etc?!!

May I know?!

As it's very weird that someone hates you, curse you and your products, and then use them!!!

Mohammad Nabil
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Mohammad Nabil

Talking about myself, I've never mentioned or even set it in my mind that I do hate microsoft, microsoft is a respectful company, and as all humans (whether me or you or MS) no one is complete, I do respect MS and I used to understand some stuff wrong about it till you (or any other source) corrected it.
All my conversations with ramy or with you or with anyone about MS is to convince (say it is ramy) him that MS is not the only good company in the world, and that's there is nothing called the perfect company or the perfect technology. I am only demanding him to respect other companies and technologies too because as I ever understood from him that he disrespects, for example, Java, and open source software. If I were forced to highlight the points of imperfection in MS or MS technology in someway that anyone have disliked I was only doing so to open Ramy's eyes on the thruth that nothing is perfect, and MS are not GOD. I, in no means, meants to disrespect or belittle of microsoft software or technology. I, as a matter of fact, as i mentioned above do respect MS and it's software, and in some other situation when not facing someone who is so MS-centric i would have talked about MS in a way highliting it's nice achievements.
[ For ramy - cuz i know you ] :
what i said above is not a confession that open source software or java is not good, don't metaphore my words, i am only trying to be fair, i was not stating that MS is better than any other entity or that any other entity is better than it- they are all good companies trying to do the best they can.

Mohamed Meshref

@Mohamed: OK, you got me wrong, let me tell you what I mean as it seems I got you wrong also.

I just meant those type of people whom are really strange, like someone who's saying that Firefox is better that IE and IE is shit (I am not trying to compare them by the way) on his blog and you find that he's posting this using IE!!!!

Or someone who's making a lecture on Linux and saying that you could do everything you do on Windows using Linux and you must get rid of Windows because bla, bla, bla, and you find that he's using PowerPoint over Windows or at least is asking you after the seminar for Hitman game windows version!!!!

Or those who are stating weak points which are shared among all software products as if it's MS fault only, as example, Windows Vulnerabilities, everyone is saying that Windows is un-secure, full of holes, bla, bla, bla, while I have the reports for years 2003,2004,2005 and from these reports, it's so obvious that Windows vulnerabilities are much less than those of all Linux Destro (even if we counted the high impact only), so why I always hear this?

Putting in mind that Linux is running in restricted mode, and the only Windows version which is running in restricted mode is Vista/LH, and even with unrestricted mode (which is making the surface area of attack much more than of Linux and that will be the case also when you count the user base and their level of professionalism) Linux is still having more vulnerabilities than Windows, so why I am still hearing the opposite while the numbers are very clear out there?!

Got what I mean?

Mohamed Meshref

By the way, I don't also say that MS is the absolute right, we still have many things to correct and a lot of work to do :)

Mohammad Nabil
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Mohammad Nabil

Well, comparisons are supposed to state facts and nothing else, i.e., X does i% and Y does j%, and also comparisons need to list ALL the facts, bad or good for thier point of view to be neutral. Every one should when they see a comparison that is not like that, must ignore it at once. Cuz not doing so is a waste of time in disputes and non-ending arguments.
Making a comparison like that, is never easy, it takes a lot of time and effort and is considered a research. And personally, I prefer to try this and that for sometime b4 i take a "personal" decision, not even an opinion to defend or stand for.

And btw, what you are talking about is happining also all the other way too, some ppl say Windows and C# are gr8 and Java and Linux are bad ( and those ppl even didn't try them enough - for a couple of days only ). And they insist and insist and no way to convince them to even respect them at least, you are right, those ppl ( along with the ppl who judge MS products too ) need a fix.

Mohamed Meshref

The idea is not about "Bad" vs. "Good", it's about people who pretend to tell you numerical facts and you discover afterthat that all what you've heard is just personal opinions and lies, I'll give you the most common example, go to any one in Egypt who loves Linux sooo much, and ask him why you love it.

I can tell you now you'll hear one of two answers:

1- Because it's more secure.
2- Because it's more reliable.

And let's see what are their arguments about each point:

1- Secure because everyone is saying it's secure, but when you come to the facts that the Windows (Whose attack surface area is much greater than all Linux/Unix destro) has much lower numbers of vulnerabilities than all Linux/Unix destro.
2- The reason for this that Windows has more blue crash screen than Linux!

They don't even know what's the meaning of blue crash screen, any way let's put the reason here in a form of question:

1- How many devices out there support Linux with their drivers?
2- How many software out there which are using Kernel mode device drivers are supporting Linux?!

As you can see, from the 1,2 point, Windows Kernel mode device drivers are muchhhhhhhhhh more than Linux, so the chance of having someone who's making invalid-instruction inside the kernel space of windows is much more than Linux, a simple example for this you can get a piece of hardware for about 5-10 LE, which has a CD with it which has its own windows driver, so now, putting in mind the price of it, what is the chance of having invalid-instructions/bugs inside its kernel mode driver?!

Now, what will happen if an invalid-instruction got executed inside the kernel space?!!

The answer is well known.

So now because Windows users got the chance of implementing their own kernel mode drivers so easily, it became Windows fault to provide something like that, and measure everything like this.

And about like or hate, it's something related to personal opinion, but as I said before, don't hate something and use it, for me, I programmed with Java before even C# was out there, and I hate it, and I stick to my opinion and never used it after that even in ACM where I could use Java much easier than C++, it's all about personal opinion but everyone must be stick to his opinion.

Ramy Mahrous

@Nabil 1
I do not disrespect Java, open Source but I do not like them and I won't work by them...
MS is the technology I use, I see it good so I am talking about.

Ramy Mahrous

@Nabil 2
Yes, I dislike (NOT disrespect) JAVA I worked by it one year or less, but I disliked it...
Nabil, in your personal conversation not on my blog I feel that you hate MS too much, you do not criticize it.. I dooooooo agree with you that MS has bugs but they want to improve themselves.


ya 3amona l beta dah be5tesar beysha3'alo alaf l developers testers bebalash...we kaman law enta fe sherka beyedek l tech support beflos le7aga howa asasan beyesta3'elak fel testing bet3ha....mel a5er...homa l kasbanen...mesh enta bas...