Friday, October 19, 2007

I am Murderer - Microsoft Strategy

I killed my mouse to not torture me more than that :'( really it did, but as I am soo lazy and didn't go to buy a new one, I deserve more than that.

Microsoft mouse is the best, I love it, but last time when it stopped working I got stupid one -the victim-

hummm, Let me tell you one reason of many which makes me adore Microsoft, they feedback then create, 2 days ago Jennifer Perret (Worldwide Microsoft Student Partners Lead) asked us for providing her with all features we need in Online Email Products like Windows Live Hotmail you can tell me if you want some features to be existing in the next versions I am supposed to be the link between you and Microsoft, and I’ll trust me :)

They are not keen on innovating X features users don't use, they want to brainstorm every customer as they can to actually get what they need to give them a product make a difference in their life, what I saw from Microsoft strategy supports my words, Microsoft respects all its customers, if you need specific feature(s) in specific product go to its forum talk with its makers, you got a bug; report it (don't just complain) if you tell them about something they will take it seriously, what carry them to underestimate your feedback??! As they know if you don’t like it you won’t pay for it.

Scrutinize I said “won’t pay for it” not “buy it” yes Microsoft first let you try the product and then pay. Don’t tell me they don’t do that Windows 2000 days, we talk now in 20/10/07.

Let me show you what Jennifer Perret sent:

Hi everyone,I received a request direct from the online email product team today to get your input on your dream feature list for the next wave of online email products. This is your chance to talk direct to the Microsoft product teams to help us build your dream set of email tools.

So what do we need -

Please reply to this forum post with your top 5 priorities of functionality in the next online email client. Please post them in order of the priority of the functionality for you...

For example:

- Increase the storage size to 10 GB.
- Enable shared calendars.
- tight integration with Live Messenger and VOIP.

The online email team is prioritizing the university student customer and you are our direct link so please help us to build your dream product!

Thank you for all of your help!