Monday, June 12, 2006

My birthday

In the name of ALLAH

It's my first year to celebrate my birthday on my second home my blog, and as usual I'll wish something for me, I wish to be more obeyed to ALLAH, I wish to not lose anybody I knew, I wish to be lovable in my faculty, I wish to celebrate next birthday with my wife :D, I wish no one upsets from me for any reason, I wish next year to be in MICROSOFT in SQL Server team, I wish that my father, mother and my cute brothers to be satisfied on me, I wish to all my brothers and sisters in my cute faculty; nice life and to be good developers, I wish to not carry :D physics again and Architecture (Physical Architecture) again, I hope to all carriers :D to be clean next semester isA, I wish the world to know the right meaning of ISLAM, I wish to get ADSL, I wish to be famous in my faculty :D, with good aspects and good ethics and mmmmmmmmmmm… forgot something…. I hope to bring for me a gift :D