Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New blog template and Nobel meeting

Hey all, today I did something new I changed my blog template as you see, tell me what's your opinion?

I got this template from I'd like to thank all team members who designed these fantastic templates.
I started my day at 5:45 pm after breakfast; my body was broken (there may be a nicer expression than that :D).

Yes I remember I promised you to tell you what happened with Nobel Community as the meeting was between Helwan MSPs and Nobel community, I knew Abd El-Rahman and Essam (from community founders), they are ambitious, their community work around higher scientific research in Egypt and generating new researchers, by the way they are from faculty of Commerce they aren't from Computers and Information, Engineering, or Medicine but they want to really make a difference (May ALLAH bless them and all they like) they asked Helwan MSPs to give IT sessions under How Microsoft would help in IT researches and they also asked Microsoft for sponsorship.
If they read my blog I want to say I've sent Mohamed Wahby (Academic developer evangelist Microsoft Egypt) a brief of what happened and he'll call me for more details once he decided I'll tell you.

That's all.
I am in hurry I don't want to write more than that, excuse me, bye bye