Saturday, December 09, 2006

Writing to blog failed!!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, It’s so far Thursday, November 09, 2006 it’s the date of the last post before this.

Really, not finding something to write is very difficult and the more difficult is to write about something all people see it was/is not like you see, i.e. Fayed Trip and because of this I swear I won’t trip again with my faculty or in another meaning with my class. So I can not write about that at the same time, Ahmed Essawy wrote about that in another way!!!
So, this post like (what others want, if you want me to write on specific thing comment what it is) or survey, I want to write about my class one one, i.e.

Name: xyz
Desc.:lmlmlaaa ( not more than 2 lines)

What’s your opinion, with explanation (in all cases, please)?