Friday, December 07, 2007

Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista™

2 days ago; I received an email from Yahoo! Messenger team to try the new special Yahoo! Messenger version that looks like Windows Vista...

Really it looks great, I'll show you some shoots of new version of Yahoo! Messenger...

Here's a Yahoo Gadget, you'll find it on your Windows Sidebar once you installed Yahoo! Messenger (You can add to this Gadget your special contacts...)
Authentication form for login....
Signing in....
Here's you can drag the special contacts to find them easily
Yahoo! Messenger main window, I've removed group names and the number of contacts inside each of which (I think you don't need to know that :p)
Here's IM window, I was talking to myself (MSN account)...
You can smoothly change the color of the IM window
They enhanced the emotion icon window, if you move your mouse on some emotion icon it plays :)

You can try this version yourself, just go to and play with new Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista :)

Tip: You must uninstall any earlier version of Yahoo! Messenger installed on your machine, else you'll got unsuccessful installation!


Ahmed Essawy

very nice ya Romuoo , I didn't think the Linux have messeger like this :D:D.
yaaa ,you should take care from your password is too short , shouldn't you ? :P .

Roaa Mohammed

gameel gedan, bas it is missing a vital feature... it doesn't notify me when I receive an email :| !!!!

Ramy Mahrous

It's just view or mask for the password, mine is too long too complex :p

hoa gamil shakln bs I recommend you to not try installing it, mish 3arf b3toly mail lih bs akid m2lb =D


it is the same look they have on MacOS version.
but i am sure the windows one consumes 150% of the processor and 95% of the RAM :D