Thursday, February 08, 2007

Think with me, I do not think with you

mmmm, do not get surprised, yeaa I wrote something in my blog, really I do not know what to be written, anyway, I want to discuss that with you, give me plan to:

1- Study and take exam with Mohamed Gamal, MCTS and MCITP (we've to apply before 1/6/2007)
2- Work for ImagineCup competition (first round before 1/3/2007)
3- Work for SAT (we've to sunmite it before 1/7/2007)
4- Talk to my love (till now the most important point :D)(every millisecond)
5- Study... going almost the week to my FCI-H (before exams with week or 2)
6- Usually, write in FCI-H blog (3 posts/week)
7- Selfstudin' (as u like)
8- ar7'm 3la el nas(blogz or chattin') (every hour)


Hanaa Tag el Dain

hey what i guess we can remove some points
1- talking to ur lovely girl cause she will sure apprciate the situation
2- u can make it 1 post in week in FCI-H
3-u can chat with ppl in collage mosh mohem awy el chat Via Messenger y3ni :D
u r great & smarty i am sure u can make w rbna m3aak frist of all

Ramy Mahrous

Remove what :O !!!!!!!!!!!
1, 3- will annoy someone :$
2- mmmm, I'll think about that...

thnx, u r the 1 who sees me like that, u too :)

Ahmed Essawy

Dear Mr.Ramy :D .
Where is ur graduation project form this points here ??????
I think u finished it, but didn't tell us :D .
ya saye3 :P .

Ramy Mahrous

omal SAT dah aih :'(
Software Architecture Tool
dah hoa dah el mosyba :D:D

Ahmed Essawy

:D payen 2we eno mosepa ,wade7 2we .
:P 3lashan keda enta 7ato rakam wa7ed 3andak .

Ramy Mahrous

mafysh 7aga fo2 el 7ob:)

Mohamed Gamal El-Den

Don't forget that there is the METRO :D you can do all of this in the Metro :D .. no no .. :(( :((