Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Documentation Handed Successfully

We (Hanaa and I) handed SAT's Documentation successfully, all thanks to ALLAH, after these hard days which begun from 21-9-2006 till yesterday, we took the vacation :)


Nesma Mostafa


Gongradulation , bgd kant to7fa w tstahlo el full marks :D:D bs el doc zo3'era keda leh :P ? heya kant 200 wala 300 ?

Ramy Mahrous

Gongradulation liky enty kaman :D:D
rbna y7'liky, laa 250 :D el brka fel ..... in general :D:D;)

Hanaa Tag el Dain

hel 7mdo llah congratulation to all who handed

Noha Mahmoud

Hellooooz ramy

Mabrouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk 3la el taslim, gr8 news to hear :)

to the best insha2allah

Ahmed Essawy

Congratulation Ramy and all . Now we have the final vacation in our academic years ,Hope to be well and fun to all .


Congratulation we isA 3ayza ashoof ba2a implemented project to7fa

RABena yewaf2ako ya RAB

Hany Barakat

Hey Ramy, how r u?... Congrts on the documentation! u hand out the documentation before completing the project!! Anyway, I had a quick look on ur resume, I just have some comments about it (If u allowed me to, I hope it's OK with u)... first thing is why do u write the certificate section if u don't have any! u should point out what u are strong at, not ur weak points!... 2nd notice is, shouldn't u sort items depending on most important to u? for example, in the community experience, y 'd u add oracle day #1 if u have something as admin for .NET community... or more important the project experience, a computer science graduate, have the first project in his list only a Flash project! I'm not sure that’d give the reader a good 1st impression... I'd suggest always point out what the reader is looking for! I'm assuming that u want to be an SD, not a designer, so point out ur SD skills, sort sections depending on what most important to u… Personally I’d suggest putting the personal section at the end of the resume, but that’s just me... hope u best of luck, :-) waiting to hear good news about ur graduation project!

Ramy Mahrous

thnx so much, u too ;)

Ramy Mahrous

ya rub I hope so, too :D
ed3olna b2aa rbna m3ana :)

Ramy Mahrous

tamamz el 7amdo lliah, enta 3aml aih?

mish dah el sa7 wala aih :D el documentation before implementation!

tb ana mish 3awzk t2ol comments :p
rbna y7'leek.. sure t2ol tb3n.. hoa walahy el nas altly kda brdo wy ana 3mlt kda bs el fatra ely fatet kont mksl a3mlo upload wy kda(uploaded one was in 6/10) :D
el mohm ana 3mltlo upload see it kda wy comment... wy bgd urs were very useful, thnx ya Hany again