Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bye bye Facebook

I left facebook after deleting everything related to me; my albums, my profile pictures, my friends although I know they’ve copy of everything and they can use it in any way.

But all in all I’m just writing it to give my point of view, and I don’t come to new arguments and if anyone asked me I’d give them the link better repeating the same words :p

1- Why to be on social network its CEO is Jewish?

2- What’s the actual benefits from it? I’ve chatting network (Windows Live Messenger) and professional network(

3- They don’t respect the value of its users; changing UI, changing privacy statement, etc….

I don’t really need it, thanks for whom encourages me leave it :)

*I just translate it to my friend (Rizwan Ahmed)



I was wondering why you disappeared! :P
I totally respect your opinion...

I keep facebook mostly for my shallow relationships... (this does not indicate that my relationship with all my friends on facebook is shallow :P) but anyway... just for those whom I met someday somehow and would like to keep in touch with in a minimal way.

Ramy Mahrous

:) hmmm let's set up a meeting to discuss that, and the alternative ways :p - and something so weird I discovered too :p:p