Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hamda Ezzo last episode...

I know I write a lot, what I should I do, I miss you....
2 days ago I watched the last episode from Hamda Ezzo series, I didn't saw acting like that, they did their best to out such an episode really if you watch it you'll cry, when I did, I believed what people say "Last episode from Hamada Ezzo, saddened all Arabs" I got its link from youtube (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4)

To download them go to and put the link then press Get It
I saw Saa'd El Daly but I see the last episode of Hamda Ezzo equalizes the whole Saa'd El Daly episodes, you don't imagine just watch and tell me your opinion...

I should go and take shower after some hours I'll be with MEA MVPs en shaa ALLAH I'll really soo haaapy, I hope a day to be MVP :) pray for me....


Rehab Mostafa

first: GOD wz U w ykrmk w ywfa2ak isA :)
second: ana f3lan el 7l2a de 2srt fya awee 3lshan kaman eftkrt 3mto ely kant bnfs el tyeba w bnfs el sha5sya t2reban bas ma3ada mwdo3 dala3 awldha da 5alees bas kanet om l kol ely 7waleha belzabt kda ... bs shklk enty ely kont 3yz t3yat ya Ramy :-? 3lshan el gesh :D

Rehab Mostafa

sa7ee7 ya Ramy ... 11 posts keter shoya bas adek btslm 3lena
w b3den ya Ramy my blog miss ur comments :D 3dy 3leh 2bl matmshy salem 3leh