Monday, July 09, 2007

Windows live Messenger does not show my audio file I am listening to

mmmm, after some period of using Windows live Messenger, I noticed that, it does not show my audio file I am listening in spite of checking "Show what I'm listening to".
Yesterday, I was playing with Windows Media Player options I found some option is responsible for not displaying what I'm listening to in my Window Live Messenger.
If you're facing this, open Windows Media Player, from main menu Tools->Options->Privacy and edit it


Ahmed Mubarak

شوفتوا مايكروسوفت وعمايلها حتى رامي بيشتكي منها..وبيحط حلول علشان محدش يقول عليها وحشة..فليحيا رامي منقذ مايكروسوفت..هاي..هاي..هاي

عن لسان مندوب مايكروسوفت

Hanaa Tag el Dain

you can do that :
Tools ->Plug-ins and check windows live messenger music plugin ;)

Nesma Mostafa

:D:D:D ah ana a3rf bt3t plug-in deh bs m3lsh ya ramy 2b2a 2s2l mtl3bsh fl media player a7sn yw23 function wala 7aga mno , asl 7agat MS deh bto23 bsor3a :P:P