Thursday, March 01, 2007

Five Things You Don’t Know About Me!

Hany has tagged me to write 5 things you don't know about me, and as I am very famous :-p they won't be just 5 :-)

Thanks, Hany :-)

1- I am very aggressive, especially in arguments and especially in arguments between Microsoft and others
2- I am not romantic at all
3- My weekly pocket money is 20 L.E. and at the end of the month it is 300+ L.E. !!!!!
4- Smart enough to know who chatting with me if someone thinks to "ysht3'lny" (I've a lot of witnesses)
5- I doooooooo hate the Television I can’t watch it for 5 minutes
6- I love to hit babies(boys) and kiss and hug babies(girls)
7- I don't eat a lot @ home
8- You can't predicate my reaction whatever you are
9- I can't sleep in darkness, I always sleep in full lighted-room and on sofa, I don't feel comfortable to sleep on bed :-$
10- I love... no no... I adore doctors...really I don't know why?! but I love to stay with them so much (doctors not professors !!!)

Sure, still there are.....

mmmmm, I want to tag Ahmed Essawy, Mohamed Nabil, Shreef Sakr, and Mohamed Gamal


Mohammad Nabil

Does that mean I have to do it ?
If so, do it here walla in my blog ?

Number 1 we know it :D ,8 I predicted some of your reactions correctly.

Ramy Mahrous

laa mish a must, as u like, but let us know :D :p

Really, No. 1 is clear like that :$

but tell me what you mean by "I predicted some of your reactions correctly."

Hanaa Tag el Dain

hey about 4 ana esht3'ltak abl kda 3la fekra ;) :D
bs ana mkontsh 3rfa 7kyet el doctors dee bs lih y3ni bt7b t3ya :D

Ramy Mahrous

bs ana 3rftk s3tha enty konty lesa 3amla el mail el gded fakra ;-) 7ata fakra ana olt aih ;-) :$

laa mish a3ya, bs b7b el doctors kda lliah fy lliah :D

Ahmed Essawy

Thanks ,Ramy :) .
I will post that soon isA ;) .

Why u sleep in lighted room !!!!!! :) ,2keed bt7`f al 3freet ytla3lak .

Ramy Mahrous


Yes, I am :$, really

Hany Barakat

:-) Bt7'af mn el 3afret ytl3lak!! :-) 3afret a elly hat7'af mnno da!! de el 3afaret te7'af mnena e7na!! :-) w ba3dein 3al ar2y sala7 jahin, madam howa 3afret w by7'awef w gamed awy keda, ma kan ydafe3 3n nafso badal maho tla2eh mayet ma2tol asln!

Ramy Mahrous

tb3n mish b7'af mn el 3afreet :D ana asdy b7'af dih y3ny mish b7b aw bkrh gdn el dlma, 7aga kont el mafrood azodha ana mish b7b el sheta 3lshan lilo tawil, ana bmooooooot fel seef 3lshan nharo kbeeeeer wy kda


l2 l2 l2 number 7 de est7alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hand7k 3la b3d wala a :D yabne enta masha2 allah wala btr7m fel bet wala bara el beet:P:P :D

Ramy Mahrous

@Anonymous ely ana 3raf esmo :D
tb, hat esbatk eny bakol kteeeer dah ana arf3 wa7d fel kolia (m3 kaml el 3ozr to Mr. Khaled Adel :D)

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Mohamed Gamal El-Den

e7m .. e7m

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Ramy Mahrous
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Mohamed Gamal El-Den
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