Friday, January 05, 2007

FCI-Helwan fy kol Makaan :D

SilverKey Demo Day, really was very nice event, very organized, I knew some people there, the most exciting thing that almost audiences were from FCI-Helwan. (7atta as2lo 3lia2 :D:D)
You can view or save it from here



mmmm.. The video doesn't play.. I think it's a compatibility issue or something between the embedded player and the blogger.. u might wanna try to use another player.. :-) of course.. I'd suggest to use, even when it's beta it's really nice.. or u can copy and paste the code for Google embedded player and paste it again on ur page, just don't edit the page after that at all.. I guess that should make it work.. Thx.. Hope I was helpful.

Ramy Mahrous

thnx so much, ana lesa wa7'd baly mn el modo3 dah 7aln :D 3lshan ana 3ndy el video locally, I modified el post wy 7atet fih el link..yea u was ;)


el vedio eshta3'al , was so nice ya 3am :)
4th IS
fci helwan( 100 100)